No Blu-ray on Xbox 360

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Shane Kim, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business…

No wait, seriously now isn’t that title just a little bit overboard. What does his business card look like?

Shane Kim

WTF? Anyway back to the point. Shane has been chatting to Forbes business magazine and has categorically stated that Microsoft has no interest in creating a Blu-ray addon for the Xbox 360.

The chance of having an integrated drive are even lower.

Microsoft are going for the digital distribution idea and even if that fails I cannot see them eating their words and going with Blu-ray in this generation.


Last Updated: July 17, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • kabraal

    Meh, R1000 says the next Xbox will have a BD drive.

  • LazySAGamer

    You’re on….

  • DarthPenguin

    next xbox… yes … not the 360

  • Reaver

    I hereby officially witness the aforementioned wager!

  • kabraal

    Face it, you’re next xbox will have a uber twin 16core hybrid IBM power PC processor, quad core custom geforce GTX580’s with 4GB dedicated DDR4 ram, 8GB DDR3 system Ram, 1TB HDD and a Blu ray drive. But it will ofc be able to download as well. Looking at those spec’s, I’m definitely getting one. :mrgreen:

  • kabraal

    Oh and it still won’t be able to run MGS4 😆

  • kabraal


  • Well, the next Xbox will need a bluray drive wouldnt it? I mean, unless they stick with DVD, which I cant see happening the only other option is if they go with their own format specifically just for xbox “720” games. But that sounds pricey so I cant see that happening.


  • kabraal

    If they want to go downloads only they’ll alienate half of their customers. As a minimum requirement it’ll have to have some sort of optical drive and I don’t see them releasing a console 5 years from now sticking with dvd. Makes no sense. Five years from now you probably won’t find a DVD-only player anymore…

  • You are all guessing that because Blu ray won a format war it will be a standard within 5 years , it won a hd format war, it has yet to beat dvd.

    Gazza ZA’s last blog post..Fallout 3 ‘Bridge Crossing’ HD Video and New video Pod

  • Fred

    And digital distribution will kill the secondhand games /trade in market wich a lot of us depend on … way to go MS. What is so evil about blu anyway .

  • I’d say that’s not a long shot in the slightest, by then it’ll be a commodity device. What I do postulate though is the the “720” won’t have a harddrive either (and probably not the PS4 either). I’m guessing it’ll ship with 32Gb+ flash RAM instead – it’s a ton cheaper than a drive and they’ll be pushing digital delivery over Fibre anyway.

    doobiwan’s last blog post..The Games that made the consoles

  • ewie

    next gen. You will have the option to buy the disc or get it digital most likely at a $10 to $15. Discount. I would not mind buying multiplayer games online. A lot of people already do it on the pc

  • baabaa

    8) why go whit blueray they can go and make a new xbox 360 yes a new xbox 360 model whit a intergrade HDDVD DRIVE so they can stay a life alittle bit longer dvd is not going to do it any more it is to smalldont have the room they need this is why allot of the games on 360 have lag spikes on there graphics and how allot of there games have short storys i have a 360 for thos the want to know but if they where to give us a new xbox 360 model whit a intergrade hddvd hard drive the will put the nail on the ps3 big time

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