Nobody wants Psychonauts 2

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I don’t know if you played Psychonauts, the platformer from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine – but you should have. Though it’s admittedly a little overrated (especially when seen through rose-tinted nostalgia glasses), it’s a wonderful, deliciously funny and story-laden puzzle platformer. People have been begging Tim Schaefer for a sequel for years.

Sadly, it looks like it might not be coming.

According to Schafer he’s tried to pitch the game – but nobody wants to help finance it.

“I get a lot of, on Twitter or whatever, daily questions about Psychonauts 2. And I would love to do Psychonauts 2, I’ve actually pitched that to publishers several times and no-one has taken the bait so far,” he said. “So it is hard because fans often don’t know how the business works, with the difference between a developer and a publisher, it’s hard to explain that.

“I’d love to do that game, but I’d have to convince someone to just give me a few million dollars. That’s all.”

Anybody got a giant wad of cash lying around? And while we’re on the subject…how about Full Throttle 2 as well, Tim?

Psychonauts is currently available on Xbox Live as an Xbox Original, and is also available on PC and Mac through digital distribution.

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Last Updated: February 7, 2012

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