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North Korea uses Call of Duty in propaganda video

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North Korea is well known for being absolutely batsh*t crazy but it really is quite hard for us to understand how insane they really are. Well this is your lucky day as we have found a North Korean propaganda video which has stolen some Call of Duty footage to try and convince their population that they are awesome.

Please note this is not a joke, this video is an official North Korean propaganda video as reported by The Times in the UK and if you look carefully when they zoom in on the evil America you can see some awesome American made footage taken directly from Black Ops 2 (I think it’s Black Ops 2, anyway) Modern Warfare 3.

If the embed isn’t working for some reason you can watch it here.

Seriously how insane are these people and how they really believe they can destroy America and re-unify South Korea when this is the height of their propaganda abilities?

If Activision will do one good thing this year it will be taking North Korea to court over plagiarism charges.. come on it’ll be fun.

  • unmovable

    North Korea is a cult, really no joke. We should watch them, help their people if and when they allow us and leave them alone. Their leaders obviously have a chemical imbalance or something.

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