Notorious Durango leak raided

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leakyBucketA serial leaker who goes by the twitter handle superDAE appears to have landed himself in a spot of trouble. He is most famously known for attempting to sell a Durango (the next Xbox) dev kit that was sent to him by Microsoft.

That previous auction was cancelled in the end but that didn’t stop superDAE from going on a bit of a rampage over the last year leaking information left, right and centre.

However it looks like his run has come to an end with him tweeting last night that he had been raided by the FBI. The most telling tweet was as follows.

But why would the FBI have a warrant with Microsoft, eBay and Paypal on there?

Well it looks like our friend was up to his old tricks and actually sold his latest Durango dev kit on an eBay auction for a whopping AUD$50 000.

No matter how this case plays out I think it’s fair to say superDAE isn’t going to be receiving anymore insider information.

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