Oh No. God of War 3 and MAG Possibly Only in 2010

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The Playstation 3 is really starting to shine now that it has a really strong line of exclusives in the works, with the ever so popular Killzone 2 leading the charge.

There is however, a bit of concern doing the rounds over the internet over whether or not God of War 3 and MAG are actually still coming this year, which arrived in the form of a statement from Sony.

Sony originally stated that Killzone 2 would usher in an unprecedented year of PS3 exclusive titles, which include Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and MAG. All seemed great until Sony released a press release today that is fairly, but not necessarily very significantly different to what they had to say before.

The press release says that the exclusives, which include MAG and God of War 3 will arrive within the fiscal year. The problem with that statement is that the fiscal year doesn’t end until March 31, 2010. What brought about further concern, especially concerning God of War 3 is that a look back into the history books shows that all of the God of War games on consoles were all released in North America in March, so the possibility of these games not making it onto shelves before the end of this year is actually quite real.

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What should calm your nerves slightly is that the greatly anticipated sequel to Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, titled Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is still looking all set for a 2009 release. As for the rest of the exclusives, we all know that Killzone 2 is definitely out this year as its release is just around the corner, and things are still looking peachy for inFamous as well, but as for Heavy Rain, there is nothing solid just yet, so hold thumbs.

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Last Updated: February 25, 2009

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  • WitWolfyZA

    that actauly put a grin on my face. being on all those blogs with PS fanboys hawking that, xbox doesnt have games for 2009. Now it seems they’re in the same boat with only one definite exclusive release so far this year. WOOHOO take that 😛

  • Snakker

    What a stupid thing to say – and before you bash me for being a PS3-fanboy: I got both. :angel:

  • kab123

    Nov, Des, Jan, Feb… I don’t care, I don’t worry… either way it’s not soon nor is it 2013. It’s within the next year.

    I know lets make a mountain out of a mole hill. I’ll bring the lorries.

  • Luigi

    Eh, some fanboys. They remind me of Oscar Wilde’s aphorism: “It’s not enough that I succeed – everyone else must fail.” Somehow games get better if the other console is not as good.

    As long as I’m playing Uncharted 2 by Xmas, I’m happy. I’d rather that the games are polished when they end up in my hands and that they sell well than have Sony rush a lot of bad games out for the holidays.

    I do wonder what Microsoft has up its sleeve, but hey, if Alan Wake is out by the end of the year, that’s also enough. I think there will probably be two games from Rare, and Forza 3, but I’m not sure what else they have.

  • Banana hammock

    I don’t mind the delay at all, i’ve got too man damn unplayed games already. I happy if they space them out a little.

  • Sketch

    I don’t mind waiting until 2010 for GOW 3. Uncharted 2 , Infamous, WKC and Heavy Rain are more than enough to keep me busy ’til then.

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