PAIN Trailer Disappoints

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Pain was one of the games coming out on the PSN that I was really looking forward to…

However I watched the above trailer today and as much as it still looks like a lot of fun, it leaves me wondering how long could this game really keep my interest for?

Watching the video for the third time while I am writing this and it just really seems boring… this is not a nice way to end a week. I was really excited about this game 🙁

Last Updated: June 29, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I’ll wait for it to come out as a classic… or maybe XBLA

  • Jak

    first of all this is an exclusive to SOny. AND HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO PLAY THAT!!!!!???

  • LazySAGamer

    lol, I can only presume you are being sarcastic 🙂

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