Perfect Example of Online Gaming

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This intriguing image and rather different take on Zombie Apocalypse made it’s way onto early this morning with the title “Left 4 Dead”.

After doing some research I found out that the image actually has nothing to do with Left 4 Dead at all. It did however dawn on me that this image is a perfect example of what online gaming is like.

In a nutshell, almost everyone on your team is probably around 12 years old and regardless of the odds and the situation, will probably find some place high up and then camp.

You can click the pic for a bigger version.


Last Updated: January 22, 2009

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Nick De Bruyne

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  • Nice find 😉 It’s not every day you see zombie children. …and yes, it’s true about finding a high spot and camping…

  • Bboy

    Well, camp you cannot in L4D it works for a while, then you realise that the zombies don’t stop coming… Let’s move, go go go!!

  • Macethy

    That pic is so awesome!

  • Wolfy

    Talking about 12 year olds… LAst night while playing an public gaurdian match on GoW2 a 12 year old boy was in my team and he said he plays the game on a daily basis aswel… So much for age restrictions. But non the less he was good too

  • Loki

    What’s wrong with camping? It’s in the game. Might aswell use it…lol

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