PES 2008 New Screenshots – Horrendous

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Over the last weekend a bunch of screenshots for PES 2008 where released to the internet.

So much has been said about how the PS3’s graphics are going to be much better than anything else and that PES is taking the next step up in the graphics department and wadda wadda wadda…

So I chose a PS3 screenshot with the most detail that I could find so that I could be amazed… Yeah that crappy thing up there is it.

The fans are duplicated
They are not watching the ball
Is that meant to be grass?
Facial expressions are terrible
Skin tone is completely unnatural

and I could go on forever. PES has never been about graphics but to make such a big deal about them and then fail miserably is a very bad idea…

There is another company that got very arrogant about it’s position in the market and was quickly cut down to size… There have actually been many. If the gameplay is not markedly better in PES 2008 this may be it’s final curtain call.

Last Updated: June 25, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Ocelot

    PS3 screenshots have not been released yet, all the current shots are from XBox 360 and PC.

  • LazySAGamer

    Most sites are implying that these screenshots are taken from the PS3 version.

    I can’t find anything saying it is not true, either way though the graphics are still terrible.

  • We have some PES2008 gameplay videos

    Come and check them out and spread the word


  • i,d.

  • who will be able to do tranfers on pes 2008 on 360

  • Ruslan

    FIFA08’s AI is a tad irritating with many quirks still not fixed, at times it feels like I am playing against 21 people. Sigh.

    PES always had slightly superior player AI as they would at least TACKLE the opponent while getting back to their field positions. FIFA players simply are daft.

    Anyways, here is hopoing PES2008 has better gameplay than FIFA.

  • for me i aint even played the new pes 2008 but i have played fifa 08 and i already no pro is better fifa cause im and pro boy pro will beat fifa every year

  • fifa stupid no players stand out u could be ronaldinho and u should out play a millwall player pro players stand out just like they do in real life has any 1 plad new pro

  • Where can I learn more about Ronaldinho?

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