Peter Molyneux rates Fable II a 9/10

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It’s not what you think.

I would be really impressed to see a review of a game written by its creator, I am sure it would be quite interesting, although a touch one-sided. He has said that he thinks that Fable 2 is a 9/10.

The question is, are game reviewers going to feel the same way?

In a recent interview with the Lionhead boss, Molyneux has made it very clear that he is very happy with the end result that will be hitting our shelves and states quite clearly that he has fully delivered on his promises this time, saying “Black & White, The Movies, Dungeon Keeper, pretty much every game I’ve ever done has had interesting features thrown in to the pot without worrying what the flavour was like,” and also says that he hasn’t made “the same mistakes I made in the past,”.

From our comment threads it has become quite clear that while many gamers are very excited to get their hands on Fable 2, there are others that feel that the game is not worth their while. Being a fantasy role playing game, it will push away anyone who is not keen for those types of games.

Molyneux goes on a bit more about what he loves about RPG’s saying “RPGs are one of the most complex game types there are,” added Molyneux. “But for me, the idea of being who I want to be and my character being different to yours, well, I think is one of the coolest genres of game.”

Fable 2 hits shelves on October 24. Are you going to be buying it at launch or do you think its an over-hyped waste of time? Leave your comments below and let us know where you stand.

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Last Updated: September 2, 2008

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  • alphav1za

    I’m getting this game when it comes out.
    Fable 1 was a cool game (broken but still cool).

  • Bboy

    hmm, want to find out more bout the co-op. Can play it with my girl friend… although i’ll probably be deep in Fallout 3 if all goes to plan.

  • ewie

    will get it not at launch as i got a few others to complete then and fallout get first go. Fable 1 was a very good rpg . Short but worth it.

  • Trevor

    Let’s hope this is not another overhyped disappointment. It seems to be a commonality these days. C’mon Moly shows them how it’s done. Fable was very cool, here’s also hoping for split screen co-op…

  • bokka1

    I won’t get it at launch but will read reviews and base my decision on that.

  • ewie

    Problem with fable I was that it could have been so much better,
    and hopefully this time around t will be. Played the original fable the other day on my 360 and the graphics looked beautiful for a 480p game.

  • Echo16h20

    Can’t wait for the local release, myself, wife and son are waiting to lap it all up 🙂

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