Petition launched against PS3 installations

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One of my favourite topics is back, but this time I didn’t start it.

A genius by the name of Joe Rivera has started up an online petition against the ridiculous PS3 installs which now seem to be a mandatory part of any decent, and rubbish, PS3 game.

At the time of writing he only has about 97 signatures and I honestly don’t expect anything to come of it but I have to try.

The installs should never have been allowed and the fact that people defend them boggles my mind…

Please go and sign the petition, for the sake of all humanity 😉

Last Updated: July 4, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Toony

    I would rather the game install then to burn out the lazer from loading all the time. Also the blu ray lazer is slow so loading time will be way longer. Its a couple of minutes of install … after that u good to go.

  • Fox1

    Blue-Ray lasers will burn out anyway if you watch lots of Blue-Ray movies.

  • Fred

    Let the user choose as in UT3.

  • kabraal

    Lol, should’ve known something like this will pop up. Probably an undercover xbot setting up that petition and 99% of the votes are probably a herd of xbots beginning to reach puberty. I’ve yet to meet someone who tries to slit his writs with a blunt knife if he has to install a game. Sigh. Btw, I didn’t sign it… and seriously, stop acting like teenagers.

  • Some people need to get a life.

    Kabraal, I highly doubt that, Read any board or forum and you’ll see the “hatards” are all PS3 fanboys. I mean wtf petitions to Keep DMC exclusive?

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  • LOL @ doobiwan

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