Piracy Seriously Hurting Sims 3 – Before Launch

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Bloomberg reports that a version of Sims 3 which isn’t even a complete final build with all of the content, is already being downloaded by the thousands.

According to the report, in only 3 days, from May 18 to May 21, the game has been downloaded over 180 000 times. The really sad part about all of this is that so many gamers lashed out at EA for the DRM that was used with Spore.

Well done pirates, are you happy? More after the jump

In a response to that, EA decided to cater to the wishes of their fans and remove the DRM, and have been wonderfully and instantaneously burned for thinking that pirates would have a change of heart for even a moment.

EA was also quick to state that the current version being pirated is buggy and is also missing a lot of content.

To all of those gamers out there who have pirated a copy of Sims 3 already, nice job, thanks for being selfish and spoiling not only the industry, but for giving all publishers a reason to make the game installation process as annoying and difficult as possible.

Source: Gamedaily

Last Updated: May 29, 2009

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  • I don’t condone piracy in any way,shape or form,but
    I’ve always said that before they alienate customers
    with over-the-top-drm,they should crack down on their
    own employees first,because in 90% of the cases they are the source of the whole damn problem.

  • al360rulz

    i second that !!!

  • WitWolfyZA

    My GF will surely buy all the Sims 3 not to mention the Expansions to make up for the loss the pirates made… Damn that girl loves Sims

  • Vic

    I don’t think that the lack of DRM has anythingto do with it. It’s all about the early availability of a much anticipated game. I know plenty of guys who’ve got it on pre-order (paid for) who still downloaded the cracked version because they couldn’t wait for the final product.

    Can’t wait for mine to arrive.

  • WitWolfyZA

    And yet they say cosnole piracy is worse than the PC

  • clown

    Aaa, the ignorance. It’s not the lack of DRM that drives Piracy. In many instances, it’s the CAUSE. I buy my games, but I’m SICK and TIRED of buying them and then there is issues with the DRM that alot of the times I end up downloading a cracked version anyway just to get past the annoying DRM. Some of my (bought) games I can’t even play, because of DRM.

  • Dan

    Wow, what a worthless, pathetic ranting piece of total nonsense. Spore, and every other game, loaded with draconian restrictions, was also immediately available. And if the lesson EA takes from the downloading of the Sims 3 is that they should again use such pointless additional rubbish, then it just proves they’re spending too much of their money on crack and methanol. And that headline? Hurting the Sims 3? Let’s see the proof. I’d guess that the Sims 3 will be another big seller. I suspect the writer of this drek has also been doing a little too much crack and methanol. Maybe sucking down some glue as a chaser too.

  • random

    the only games i get on my pc/laptops r ones i own but want it portable with good graphics ds &psp bad graphics compare
    im not bad i own it anyway :angel:

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