PlayStation 3 production cost cut in half

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It has been mentioned plenty of times about how much money Sony loses on every PlayStation 3 they manufacture.

The latest numbers were that Nintendo has made a profit from day one on every Wii they make, Microsoft has been making about $75 profit since June last year and Sony has been losing between $300-$400 per console.

It seems that the PS3 used to cost over $800 to manufacture, however due to some system changes and by dropping some features Sony have managed to bring that down to $400. They are also expecting to start making a profit on the console during 2008.

Which means they will once again be in a position to drop the price, which is good news for people like us.

PlayStation 3 production cost cut in half | MyGEN – Playstation Article

Last Updated: January 12, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Luke Africa

    Yes, this is good, but couldn’t it also be bad? Sure, the price will be lower and more affordable, but what about the quality? If the cost of manufacturing is lower, then it most probably means that they are making it in an easier and quicker fashion… and the features? I heard that it will not only be the 40gb version of PS3 that isn’t backwards compatible, but that they are also starting to make the 80gb versions like this. This is disappointing and now I regret I didn’t get a PS3 earlier.
    If you’re thinking of getting a PS3, I suggest you get it ASAP before they make any changes.

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