PlayTech is the first major gaming casualty of the economic downturn in South Africa

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playtech This is never good news to report on.

It has come to our attention that one of the biggest gaming magazines in South Africa has fallen victim to the current economic climate.

While the details are still a little sketchy it appears that PlayTech magazine has been cancelled with immediate effect.

According to some industry insiders PlayTech had one of the largest reader bases in the country and it has come as quite a shock to see them go under.

We wish all the people affected the best of luck and hopefully things work out for the best for all of you.

Last Updated: January 22, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Macethy

    Playtech?Never heard of the mag but it’s crappy news anyway.Damn hope NAG doesn’t go the same way 😕

  • Definitely one of my favorite mags, the guys were super passionate gamers as well and all round nice guys! I hope they can climb out of this

  • Rudolph

    Same here, never heard of it, and hoping that NAG doesn’t follow the same route.

  • Roland Browning

    Well…the fact that so far 66.66% of the people commenting on this article haven’t heard of the mag…and the only one who has is in the gaming industry…means they probably had a crap marketing team!!??

  • Lupus

    Never heard of them either

  • darthdad

    Where they a National publication?

  • Fudzy

    Never heard of them but I don’t really see the point of magazines in this day and age of the internet. Why trouble yourself with the gigantic overheads of printing and God awful logistics of distribution when you can start a blog/website. On top of that news and information moves so fast these days, if you have to wait for a magazine to tell you something you’re already a month or two late.

  • Janrik

    Never heard of them.

    Also have not bought printed media in 5 years.
    Have internet, will stay ahead of curve.

  • bokka1

    I have seen their mag in the shops but I think they were Playstation exclusive.

    It is time that someone high up comes down to ground level and feel the suffering of the man on the street. People don’t have money to spend; they are barely staying alive.

    Get the interest rates and food prices down.

  • Where were they sold? Never heard of them.

    I hope they manage to do ok though, always bad to see a comrade fall

  • Valante

    Playtech used to be known as Play the Zone. They were PS exclusive but went downhill ever since going multi

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