Price Check For Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition

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Well I don’t know about the rest of you guys but after reading Nick’s post on the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition box, I’ve been dying to find out the price so I can ready my cash.

Infinity Ward has now confirmed that the official retail price is $149.99 which works out to something like R1240 with some small change but we will be following up with Megarom closer to the time to bring you the exact price.

Also the Call Of Duty title that’s included in the bundle for both PSN and XBLA features full online multiplayer capability.

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Last Updated: July 15, 2009

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  • Ruslan

    Rumors going around that it could be tentatively priced at R1500 for the PE. Apparently Infinity Ward got some discount from the manufacturer to afford the PE.

    “Surprisingly, that ridiculous Modern Warfare 2 special edition, with the nightvision goggles, will only set you back $149.99 (Activision must have received a very nice bulk-buy discount from the manufacturer).

    The Hardened Edition, sans plastic head and goggles, will set you back $79.99, meanwhile, so which is it going to be? Vanilla, fancy, or super-duper with sprinkles on top? Let us know!”

  • Roland Browning

    I wouldn’t get excited yet about the ‘FREE’ in-box code for the XBLA version of Call of Duty. Or have we all forgotten what happened with Gears of War 2?

    And at R1500 for the PE the night vision goggles will have the production quality of a cheap Barbie accessory. Look at how crap the GH2 drum kit is!! No one can truly say that is value for money.

  • I wouldn’t even bet on us getting any over here.
    But I will SO get that if we do.

  • Dark

    Oh the joys of a Wednesday morning all the happy people. Isnt there a song like that?

  • According to Megaroms newest pricelist that I received yesterday the Prestige Edition will tentatively retail for R1499 on the 10th November 😀

  • *sarcasm* I agree, wow can you feel the positive vibe you guys are great! */sarcasm* lift your heads high gentleman, if you don’t like it don’t get it 😉 just means that some other lucky sole will get there hands on it

  • FYI GH2 didn’t come out with a drum kit. I think you’re referring to GHWT, I’d hardly say the drum kit was crap, it was an innovation, and if your drumkit did break down Megarom insured that we get the best service to have a the kit fixed, and working even better.

  • Roland Browning

    I beg your humble forgiveness esteemed Megarom employee for getting the game title wrong. As far as the drum kit is concerned I used to make better drum kits from my Mum’s Tupperware when I was 11.

  • EchoZA

    Well, the question is… will the PRESTIGE edition be available locally? If so I want one!!! Need to add to my “Hall of Fame” 🙂 would love the sculpture and the gogs (ebven if they don’t work!)

  • $CHN!TZ3L

    Does anybody even know for sure if the Prestige Edition is coming to SA? I can’t find anything on the web that proves it is… 🙁

  • At the moment we are expecting it to land in South Africa and are in discussion with Megarom to confirm dates and prices as soon as they know.

  • connor fearnley

    you still look about 11!!!

  • Mac

    Aha i Agree with that conner fernly lad u look about 11

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