Prototype Opening Cinematic – Violent as Hell

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As the title suggest, this video is the full opening cinematic to the upcoming sandbox slaughter-em-up, Prototype.

If you want to wait until the day that you actually play the game to view the cinematic, then I suggest that you give it a skip, if not, get ready for a pretty cool indication of what the anti-hero, Alex, has in store for anyone who gets in his way.

The cinematic is pretty violent and shows us just some of the nasty methods that Alex can use to end someone’s life.

Prototype releases in just under a month (June 9) for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Last Updated: May 11, 2009

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Nick De Bruyne

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  • Dark

    Best Trailer Ever !!!!!!!!

  • Darkling

    Omw! This looks awesome!
    I wonder if this will get banned in Australia? :biggrin:

  • easy

    wow that is a very slick intro/trailer… almost tempting

  • Altman

    Just a shame we’ll be be getting it a close to a month later,thats right boys and girls were only getting it in July. :getlost:

  • Dark

    Actually there will be a change it will be coming in June.

  • krYtHan

    This is my next purchase, without a doubt!

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