PS3 Firmware 2.76 is available to download

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After yesterdays earth shattering announcement yeterday of new avatar shoes Sony has decided to hit back with an equally pointless announcement.

Firmware version 2.76 is now available to download and in it we get…

“ A minor update that improves the playback quality of some PS3 format software”

Two things about this update that need to be said

1. If you are improving something then tell us what it is, the PS3 plays many many formats…

2. Since no one seems to care maybe you should have saved this and bundled it with cross game voice chat?

Source: PS Blog

Last Updated: May 14, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Add this to the 415 MB “microbadges” update for Motorstorm Pacific Rift and that’s a fifth of my ADSL cap gone. Bugger!

  • Damn. . .these updates rip our bandwidth apart. 🙁 isnt there a way for them to just install it like some sorta patch if its not a major update?

  • RSA-Ace

    what do you mean ‘nobody seems to care’? what happens if the game i was having trouble with has now been fixed.

    i like sony releasing loads of updates. i know in south africa is might be a problem because of BW constraints but firmware updates can be done on local cap. so thats R12 or so a gig. thats enough for all the updates in a year.

  • That point would be valid IF Sony had stated what they fixed, but since they didn’t how would you know if it was going to fix your issue or not?

    Refer to point 1 😉

    And how do you update using local only cap? There are no local PSN servers? Or are you talking about someone releasing a local version for you to download onto a Memory stick and then go from there?

  • Worm

    Even though there are no local PSN servers you can still download anything from PSN with a local account. Even demo’s, PSN titles, anything…Don’t exactly know how it works but it works :). You’ll only need int cap to log in on the PSN store, after that, pause and switch connections…but i’ve said this already :/

  • neoassasin

    On updating using local cap. One of the guys on the PS3ZA forum usually puts the update on a local server.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Why do they keep on giving their customers everything except what they really want???

    Sony Chairman: Here take another pointless firmware update that actaully doesnt benefit any of your online needs… Just as everybody requested!

  • RSA-Ace

    you dont have to be signed in to the PSN to download the firmware update since you have to have the latest firmware to log in.

    for everything that you dont have to be signed in to the PSN for you can get off local. thats why things in the download queue download off local

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