PS3 Firmware update (2.10) coming today?

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It looks like Sony has pulled a fast one and is about to release it’s 2.10 firmware without any previous fanfare.

This one seems to be the single best update that Sony has released yet.

It is going to include Blu-Ray Profile 1.1, a voice changer and some smaller music changes…

You are going to need 120Mb of hard drive space and as mentioned this will apparently be released on the 18th of December…

PS3 Firware update (2.10) coming tomorrow – Blu-Ray 1.1 support! Divx! splooooge – NeoGAF

Last Updated: December 17, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Burns ZA

    Yip, this is the most exciting update so far. Picture in Picture on Blu Ray pushes it one step closer to gobbling up HD DVD’s advantage. Can’t wait to see how the DIVX support works- apparantly as it is DIVX registered there are concerns as to whether XVID can be played – we’ll have to wait and see.

  • boswald

    Well, I have downloaded and tried. I can play Xvid off a DVD but it won’t stream from Windows Media Player 11. Anyone else had problems?

  • Abev

    Boswald where did you get the download?

  • what is the size? my version 2.01 was 190 mb… eish, that chows my 1 gig so fast

  • scotty777

    these sony unpdates are amazing, for every one but us… while other countries don’t need to think about dl’s every ps3 update is DEATH TO CAP

  • Abev

    its 119mb, so a little smaller this time!

  • Boswald

    I got mine via the online update but there is a link on the PS3 ZA forums. Here is the url.

  • Abev

    Thanks Man, already on its way down!

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