PS3 Lost Planet Gets Exclusive Playable Character

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image When Lost Planet came out in December of 2006, it was an exclusive Xbox 360 title from Capcom. A few months later, it was released on PC.

And finally, in February, it’s coming to PS3. Because PlayStation 3 gamers have had to wait so long for the well-received title, Capcom decided to throw in a little bonus.

Yes, Gaming Today is reporting that Rick’s sister, Luka, is going to a playable character on the PS3 port of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Their source is Famitsu, so it’s good as gold.

The PlayStation 3 LP will include the downloadable content previously available on the 360 version, and will feature 16 player online play.

Source: PS3News

Last Updated: January 14, 2008

  • clocked LP on the 360, Never did the online thou… just for that reason I will stil get this one for my PS3

  • Man i do hope that Capcom will give the Xbox guys a sort of here download this content.

    I will have to go to and check this out because this is kak for the trouble i went to get this game on Xbox 360

  • J4NR1K

    Worst game of 2007 IMHO.

  • @J4NR1K… are you saying LP was the worse game ?

  • J4NR1K

    Indeed evil one. Had so mutch going for it … and truly sucked.

  • why… I loved LP..

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