PS3 O-Face Ad – good or not?

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So according to Kotaku, the PS3 Slim advertisements have come up with a pretty cool marketing campaign. The campaigns title is ‘Play Face’ and is modeled after Phillip Toledeno’s photographic pieces depicting gamer’s Oh-faces. Apparently Toledano “wanted to take portraits of people that would reveal a hidden part of their character. So I had them play video games.”

Granted there are some other controversial connections to the ad campaign, namely the inclusion of Japanese celebrities who are rumored to have certain extra-mural activities involving narcotics. But as far as I’m concerned celebrities that use narcotics are a social cliche these days and besides… gaming and movies are all the escapism I need. If you are keen on reading up on some of these actors then go and check out the Kotaku link at the end of the post.

So enjoy the advert, check out the website (although its in Klingon or something) and keep up the clean gaming.

Source: Philliptoledano & Kotaku

Last Updated: August 21, 2009

  • easy


  • “[Ed] I on the other hand think that this is yet another idiotic ad from the company who seems to enjoy making a habit out of it. I don’t want to envisage a gamers O-Face, I actually couldn’t care less about who else is playing on the console. I just want to play good games”

    I on the other hand think these ad’s are EXCELLENT and are a huge step in the right direction when communicating to your audience. Well done sony (finally)

  • easy

    i missed the ed’s note – “I just want to play good games”
    how does sony’s advertising affect the quality of the games played?

    what sony is actually trying to do is create an emotion, or more specifically the emotions gamers can expect when they purchase the console and play games. so it doesn’t matter if YOU want to play good games or not, its purely designed to be emotive.

  • 40insanefrogs

    I think that old guy beat me in Virtua Fighter 4 once.

  • Faheem

    HAHA :w00t:

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