PS3 outperforms the Xbox 360 – For EA Financials that is

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EA Games have just released their latest financials and there are some surprises buried deep in the boredom.

First up lets look at the completely unsurprising results, the Wii leads the pack bringing in $161 million with the PC not so far behind on $124 million.

Then the surprise pops up, the PS3 is third with $121 million while the 360 is miles behind in 4th with $73 million… The PS3’s baby sister (PSP) also manages a small victory by beating the Nintendo DS $38 million to $28 million.

I have to say that I am very surprised at the numbers seeing that the Xbox 360 versions of all EA’s major games always seem to sell better on the Xbox 360 than the PS3?

Every batch of sales figures I have ever seen have the 360’s version higher up so I can only imagine that the royalty fees charged on the Xbox 360 are far higher than originally thought and that the PS3’s licence figures, previously reported as high, are actually pretty low.

Maybe someone else has a better insight into this one?

Either way this is great news for Sony and obviously is something they can wave under EA’s nose the next time a Xbox 360 game looks better than it’s PS3 compatriot.

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Source: MCV

Last Updated: August 6, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • darthdad

    I wonder what Activision think of this? 😉

  • I think one of the leading factors in the PS3 generating more revenue despite the 360’s wider install base is that of piracy – The 360 has been cracked wide open. :angry:

  • easy

    something that is not reported on enough… :pouty:

  • ewie

    Can someone explain to me the difference between the
    Net-revenue for each of the systems, and the supplemental information that show share % of each system.

  • ocelot

    Are these EA figures US only or worldwide? Because the Xbox version of EA games mostly outsell the PS3 in the US (NPD) but I don’t think it does the same in Europe or Asia.

  • ewie

    It is worldwide.

  • Fox1

    That 360 owners are spending more on their products :biggrin:

  • But then why is the PC (yes I said it,Geoff) :tongue:
    generating more than both? Same story with the Ubisoft
    one you guys posted up.

  • I’d like to believe it’s the disparity between PC *shudder* :biggrin: and console game pricing, but I honestly haven’t the foggiest.

    For the completely technically inept, patching up pirated PC games can be a mission, but 360 games can be purchased and /just work/ if your console is modded.

    (PS : I Love my PC)

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