PS3 takes Japan by storm

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The PS3 really is cleaning up at the moment. These price cuts are exactly what the doctor ordered.

The latest sales figures are in and the PS3 has overtaken the Wii to lead the next gen charts in Japan 

  • PlayStation 3 – 56,000
  • Wii – 35,000
  • PlayStation 2 – 9,400
  • Xbox 360 – 7,000
  • I left the PS2 in there so that we can all laugh at its eventual demise. Seriously though with the 360 nearly overtaking the PS2 in its hometown I think we can start talking about how the PS2 truly is on its way out.

    Microsoft will not be too disappointed with the 360’s performance this week, even though it came stone last, but Sony must be over the moon.

    So can we stop calling this a spike now? No I don’t think so, lets give it another 2 weeks before we start really believing the PS3 is making its comeback….

    C3 News :: Japanese Sales | PlayStation 3 Overtakes Nintendo’s Wii, but Mario Tops the Chart

    Last Updated: November 15, 2007

    Gavin Mannion

    I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

    • Max0991

      Now thats more like it

    • JP


    • baba

      I guess there is a lesson to be learnt here:

      Just proves that nobody wants to work harder, or overtime for a games console – even in Japan!

    • doobiwan

      rofl @baba 😉

    • scotty777

      Hmmm… well with holiday season basically here, and the ps3 having such a strong on coming so far, I can’t see it dropping it’s sales(touch wood).

      And wow, it’s beating the Wii… so much for the xbox 360 being it’s competition, Sony’s got the Wii in it’s cross hairs,

      GO SONY

    • Burns ZA

      Are there any people left in Japan that don’t have a wii?

    • Jak

      or a DS.I read a article saying that if the DS’s success continues in Japan then 89% of population will have one by 2010!AHH!!!!!!!!!

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