PS3 vs. Xbox360. The battle for the title is now!

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The ongoing battle between Microsoft and Sony is one that shall not be resolved in the near future, I promise you that. In between the heated arguments and accusations on which is the better console, the ammunition is endless. Today, however, I decided to sift through all the fanboy bantering and focus on a single bullet…exclusivity.

Since their release, both consoles have enjoyed quite a few big names in exclusivity, and today we are going to take a look at their line ups, and decide once and for all, who has the better menu. So kick back in your favourite lazy-boy reclining chair, get yourself a beer (or a juice, depending on your age) and…leets geeeeeet reeeeeady toooooooo ruuuuuuumble!

xbox-360-logo Left 4 Dead


First up, one of my current favourites on the Xbox 360: Left 4 Dead. Although this game also received a PC version, when it comes to consoles, it’s still only available for the Xbox 360 with no mention of a Sony addition in the near future. So Playstation owners, sorry to say, but you guys are missing out on some ridiculously fast-paced FPS action and a team based engine not seen since Playstation titles the likes of…well…actually, ever.

Left 4 Dead is a totally unique FPS shooter experience and Valve have truly outdone themselves on delivering a top notch zombie shooter. I mean, what other FPS game is out there, where masses of zombies rush at you constantly, and you get to: burn them, shoot them, hit them, snipe them, blow them up, or use a mixture of gas tanks and propane tanks to burn them and blow them up at the same time?

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This definitely is one Xbox 360 title which makes it worth it to own a White Box (or at least a proper gaming PC) and definitely a round-of-applause worthy title on the belt of Microsoft. Don’t worry Valve…I’m clapping. I’m clapping till my hands bleed. And then I’ll clap some more.

METACRITIC SCORE: Left 4 Dead (2008) 89

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Last Updated: May 26, 2009

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  • darthdad

    Brave man! :silly:

  • Jules

    Nice article. I agree with most of the content.

    I was strictly in the 360 corner since it’s launch and only invested in a PS3 around 6 months ago. That’s because I believed everyone saying that the PS3 doesn’t have any games. Well that turned out to be nonsense as the PS3 actually does have the best games (exclusives). The only games I knew were Gears of War and Halo etc etc, but after having played the PS3 exclusives like Killzone, LBP, Unchartered and R&Clank, I feel that the 360 exclusives are definitely over rated. Pity I didn’t realise this earlier. :ninja:

    Thx for the effort put into the article, was pretty good! :w00t:

  • hayted

    This guy is clearly crazy :ninja:

  • WitWolfyZA

    the new teken isnt exclusive FYI

  • spl0it

    MGS4 also isn’t exclusive anymore, It’s going to be at E3

  • WitWolfyZA

    I see his point the Xbox exclusives arent that great in graphics compared to PS3. Thats why i know MGS4 wont come to Xbox 360 and the mere fact that they actaully rip MS indirectly on it stating the game doesnt require to swop disc thanks to blu ray… Sigh….

  • Mac

    FYI… they said its not exclusive

  • Milesh Bhana

    you forgot Viva Pinata 🙁

  • I may have missed something,but did you count those
    unreleased PS3 titles as well? Then surely some upcoming
    360 titles (like you briefly mentioned at the end)
    needs to be added to their list?

  • ewie

    Counting white night chronicles, but missing lost odyssey
    , blue dragon, last remnant and infinite undiscovery, just don’t add up, and if i remember white night only released in Japan. Having only played blue dragon and Lost oddesey, have to say few jrpg will come close to Lost oddesey both in gameplay and story. And missing a few games like call of duty 2 which was big for the first year, as well as pgr3(which you can add with pgr4).
    And a few rare games like Viva Pinata, Kameo which were all very enjoyable.

    At the end it is about which games you prefer and a lot more on 3rd party games than exclusives.

  • j4nr1k

    Splinter Cell, Alan Wake, HALO ODST, Section 8, Warhound, Forza 3… like those? 😎

  • Shaun

    All great games but when are the developers gonna realize that they can make more money by going cross platform. they are losing millions of potential punters by releasing exclusive titles. I don’t think people will buy a console based on one game, rather the console with the better price and largest library of games. in these dark economic days, developers should be focused on making enough money to keep their company’s open and carry on bringing us more glorious gaming goodness!

  • ewie

    Correct Multiplat is the way to go, and have far more pull than exclusives, just look at Call of duty, Devil may cry, re5 , SF IV, GTA IV, Bioshock, Saints row etc. these studios have seen that they can reap a lot more money to have it on more than one system, and that is why more and more games developed by 3rd party publishers is going multi plat, case in point is lost planet 2 and dead rising 2 most likely going multiplat.
    Much easier to recoop those high development costs.

  • spl0it

    And when you realise that a multiplat game looks the same or better on the 360, that R5K price tag doesnt look so good anymore

  • Jip.Just asking as some of them were mentioned at the end,but not included under the “Xbox360 opposition” list were-as the unreleased PS3 titles
    were listed under the “more exclusives” which makes
    the 360 list look kinda weak compared to it.
    Merely a technicality so was just wondering whether
    they were taken into account or not 😉

  • darthdad

    Wow the PS3 line up is very impressive! :w00t:

  • Mac

    R5k looks pretty decent with the exclusive line up that look much better than anything on the xbox. not to mention blue ray

  • The ps3 exclusives only included 3 games which had not been released yet. All the rest were current titles avaliable at any retailer. As with the Xbox 360 (minus Viva Pinata…sorry about that one) there wasn’t a lot more that I could have listed. What did you want? Perfect Dark Zero. I did list Halo ODST, Alan Wake and Forza 3 in my final segment. HOWEVER, I also included a list of both the xbox 360 and ps3 titles still coming. So hence that, the xbox still came up short. Exactly the same for the great titles that the xbox has coming, ps3 have countered with Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 (but to name a few). And MGS4 is STILL an exclusive. There is a rumour going around that it might be coming to xbox 360, but Hideo Kojima shot that one down just as it surfaced. However, until we find out what the next title from Konami is going to be, it’s all a waiting game.

    Wait? Last remnant and blue dragon? Fine, I’ll give you lost oddesey (which STILL doesn’t compare to other PS3 titles…even a game like Folklore could drop that one) but seriously…LAST REMNANT? BLUE DRAGON? You actually WANT to add those to the list. At the bottom of the article, I wrote: Remember, I only FEATURED the games which I believe are the console big hitters. Blue Dragon and Last Remnant are a far shot from hard hitters, both clocking some horrible reviews.

    And we are looking at current titles that are…as I said once before, hard hitters. Call of Duty 2, even though it is a xbox classic, is older than my grandpa’s slippers.

    So, once again (as I do own both consoles) I’m not fanboying. I’m simply looking at the statistics. And statistics says: Sony wins the exclusivity battle!

  • Fox1

    “Gears of War and Forza…all of them appeared on PC as well…” :wassat:

  • o yeah…sorry bout that :blink:

    But gears of war did come to the pc :whistle:

    does that make up for my mistake? hehe! AAAAAARGH :pirate:

    sorry, i just felt like making the pirate smiley! And again! AAAAAAAARGH! :pirate:

  • Vixremento

    Aye. Plus all the extras included that aren’t quite standard in the MS “pure game” machine. Personally I’d be happy with all games being cross-platform…that way we could all decide on which console to use (with preferences for looks, controllers, noise levels, failure rates and all the nasty things that the fanboy kiddies love to spit into everyone’s face).

    Some games are just ultimately better on the PC while others are more fun to have on a console because you get to sit on your ass in your comfy lazy boy…but in the end it’s all about the games now then ain’t it? :ermm:

  • darthdad

    Wow the 360 line up is very impressive! :w00t:

  • Whatever

    You missed all kinds of JRPG’s and even games like Kameo, and Banjo Kazooie and Viva Pinata. If you’re going to include Heavenly Sword you should at least include Kameo.

    So excuse me if I don’t put much weight into this comparison. While I agree Uncharted, MGS4 and Killzone 2 have the best quality the rest have comparable games on the 360.

    Also, wouldn’t this be better served after E3? I mean we are less than a week away and the gaming landscape can change for both of these consoles after. :pirate:

  • Like what kinds of JRPG’s which were worthy of mentioning? Remember, JRPG’s are a very specific market, much the same as anime or manga. I mean, I have A LOT of friends who think anime and manga is retarted and don’t understand why i like it. Same with JRPG’s. Usually cheesy dialogue, sub par graphics, and mediocre gameplay. Hence why they get such bad reviews! As such:

    Xbox 360: Last Remnant, The (2008) 65

    The only JRPG I believe that has come out worthy of adding in there, is Final Fantasy. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are the same. Both got a metacritic score of 78. Which is good, but once again, not good enough. Yes yes, I know that is the same score as Heavenly Sword, but they didn’t receive NEARLY the same reception as Heavenly Sword did. You guys don’t really read what I write do you? you just look at the title and start flaming. I still said:

    Remember. I only featured the titles which I believed where the console big boys, so ones that people like bikkering and bantering about. I’m sorry to say, but I haven’t heard hour long discussions on which part of Blue Dragon or The Last Remnant you enjoyed more…

    As for the rest of your games:

    Banjo Kazooie
    Viva Pinata

    I was looking to do mostly new games. Almost all the games I featured are relatively new, having been released between 2007 and 2009 and made big waves. If you put Banjo Kazooie up against Ratchet & Clank…it’s not even a challenge.

    Playstation 3: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (2007) 89

    Xbox 360: Banjo-Kazooie (2008) 79

    Even though Banjo-Kazooie is newer than Ratchet, it’s older when it comes to the franchise, as people know Ratchet more. Also, Banjo released the terrible nuts & bolts add-on, which was so horrible (in my opinion) that it made me :sick:

    Viva Pinata and Kameo…ok wait…Kameo? That is like THE FIRST game to basically come out on xbox360. You can pick that thing up in ANY bargain bin in places like Pick & Pay or Game, and that’s being generous. Yeah sure, the game might have gotten some okayish reviews, but the damn thing came out in 2005! Don’t believe me?

    Xbox 360: Kameo: Elements of Power (2005) 79

    Right there! 2005! Once again, I’m comparing the console big boys! And I already apologized for Viva Pinanata, all though I kind of feel like this is fanboying now.

    This feels like Playstation users shouting things that make no sense to xbox users, simply for no reason. Ah yes, then my plan would be working :devil: MWA HA HA HA HA!

  • Raffi

    i like this article
    but the only thing i dont like is i know microsoft owns both PC AND 360
    but come on….
    there still two different platforms and/or consoles
    and i really wouldnt consider them exclusives
    for ex. Left 4 Dead
    sure i cant play it on PS3 but i can definitely play it on PC and in my opinion the PC version is better

  • Anon

    1. Bungie did not make Halo Wars, Ensemble Studios did.
    2. If the killzone 2 campaign took you 13 hours you really suck at video games. its a 6-7 hour game at most.
    3. MGS4 doesnt even have a hint of stealth in it. its an action shooter.

  • I think your Last Remnant/Blue Dragon
    speech was meant to go one comment down

  • BuGz

    Gears of War 2’s Graphics are better than MGS4 and that’s Gears won’t be coming to PS3, and to be Fair xbox360 exclusives have gotten more “Best Graphics and Game of the Year awards” then PS3 exclusives and note if Microsoft had a Blu-Ray in it would be able to run Sony Game’s it’s powerful enough and it’s been proven by Professional’s.

  • ChrisW

    Eh… I have not liked Sony since they ousted Sega… I am not about to start either. I am a ANYTHING-BUT-SONY fanboy. Hell! If Atari came out with a new console, I would buy it over a Sony console. Even if it was the Atari 2600.2!!!

  • easy

    yet the xbox does not have a blu-ray, so essentially its a moot point and has no baring on the topic.
    plus the xbox produces excellent looking games without it…

  • easy

    your grasp of rational thought is astounding! :wassat: 😆

  • MAJOR sony bias

    Man this site sucks…

  • WitWolfyZA

    too bad its so buggy

  • WitWolfyZA

    well he placed tekken 5 on his exclusive list for PS3

  • Mark

    As far as exclusives go i would have to say Ps3 is the clear winner aswell. Especially because Gears and Left for Dead came out on PC. The game is Hardly and exclusive when
    you can play it on your PC.

  • WitWolfyZA

    I thought Blue Dragon was awesome… Despite the achievements being so difficult to get

  • WitWolfyZA

    The Last Remnant sucked and so did Infinite Undiscovery… So much potencail wasted on rushed products

  • WitWolfyZA

    Uh huh and pigs can fly

  • WitWolfyZA

    And i disagree MGS 4’s graphics are better than GeoW 2 By faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

  • WitWolfyZA

    Forza isnt on PC ?!?!?

  • WitWolfyZA

    Lost Odyssee is a must have for any JRPG fan

  • WitWolfyZA

    And the Red Ring of death…. Definetly a must have for al consoles 🙁

  • WitWolfyZA

    I think MS just wanted a quick buck that time porting it over to PC.. Never actaully heard of anyone every playing it on PC anyways

  • eXp

    Just because a game can be played on a PC as well doesn’t suddenly make it worse or obsolete. We’re talking PS3 vs XBOX 360 exclusives, so PC is irrelevant IMO, as PC isn’t a “console”, you can’t pop an XBOX disc into a PC and play it and people aren’t going to sell their XBOX because their favourite game suddenly went to PC.


  • eXp

    Also, don’t forget the award winning GTA IV DLC, exclusive to X360. :angel:

  • Slaytanic

    MGS 4 is one big cut scene, so of course it’s going to look good. Check out Halo Wars if you want to see great looking cut scenes. Gears is a better GAME not MOVIE!

  • easy

    maybe you need to play mgs4, its almost impossible to distinguish between cut scene and game play.
    it is a very polished game (if not the best) from a visual point of view.
    as for actual game play, thats down to personal preference.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Heres the facts. MGS dont have cut scenes its in game cinematics. lasting at times up to 7 minutes. Many people dislike MGS seeing that its a Sony brand, but heck ITS STILL AWESOME! I never heard/Read of any bugs that came from that game.

  • WitWolfyZA

    MGS doesnt have cutscenes it has in game movies. What. The whole game is MGS engine.

    And i never heard of one person complaining about a bug (unlike our precious Geow2)

    Im no PS fanboy but DAMN im a Snake fanboy!

  • nate-dog7

    Valkyria Chronicles! this could be the best RPG this generation (definitely my favorite). Good article.

  • Mornelithe

    That’s because Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is a PSN download only. Tekken 6: Bloodlines, is the game that will be launching for PS3/360. Do your research.


  • Mornelithe

    Wrong, you can choose NOT to stealth. Or you can follow the traditional way MGS goes, and actually stealth the entire thing. Take a look at the in-game achievements buddy. They wouldn’t have one for stealthing everything, not being seen once, not killing anything, and finishing the game in under 5 minutes.



  • Mornelithe

    Actually, it makes the 360 redundant and unnecessary. Hmm, 360 with questionable hardware makeup? Or my Core 2 Quad + GTX260 Core 216 + 4g of DDR3 PC12800 @ 1500MHZ…hmmm, which to go with??? LoL.


  • Mornelithe

    For now.

    That’ll hit PC eventually also though.


  • Mornelithe

    That’s 5 hrs, btw.


  • Mornelithe

    The biggest issue nowadays is cross-platform work, in my opinion. The respective 1st party devs for both MS and Sony are doing fantastic work, and showing what the machines are really capable of. The problem is, developers and publishers only want money…they really don’t care about bringing the BEST experience to the forefront. Remember what they always say ‘We’re trying to make it exactly like the PS3 version’ or vice versa. That’s not the words of a company who really cares about the IP they’re delivering. Only quelling the fanboys so they can make a quick buck.

    Notice how Gears is one of the greater looking/playing games for the 360? Likewise, notice how Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, Uncharted, Killzone etc.. (I only list more of the Sony stuff because I have a PS3 and not a 360, I do realize there are some great other IP’s I’m missing…this is simply to prove a point) are the best looking/playing games for the PS3? Do you think it’s just a coincidence that they’re made by 1st party teams?

    It’s because those teams only have to work with one hardware set. Bungie, working solely on the 360, is going to put out VASTLY better IP than Bungie working multi-platform for the PS3/360, likewise with Polphony Digital, Studio Liverpool, and Guerilla.

    The machines have capabilities that the other does not. Developers need to get their heads out of their asses, and start pushing these machines the way they were built. Not simply making the most dumbed down version they can, simply to bring it to the largest audience possible. Sorry, as a gamer, I personally will take a pass on anything made in such a fashion.


  • WitWolfyZA

    Askuus?!?!?! That might be but the pic shown there is taken from the Tekken 6 trailer idiot.

  • easy

    1. so?
    2. who cares how long it takes to finish, its not a race
    3. ummm… can’t say anything that’s not insulting, except just play the damn game before spouting bs.


    Definetly a true winner in this category :devil:

    See for yourself… 😉

  • TheChi

    Funny how you never listed Braid or Castle Crashers or Ikaruga or Geometry Wars RE and RE2, Alien Hominid or any of the other noteworthy XBLA offering which is a large part of the XBox 360’s appeal.

  • jay

    with the one that costs 299 instead of 5000

  • jay

    I like both consoles I prefer the XBOX 360 because the sixaxis control is a piece of sh… I agree that some game are really good on the PS3 but I wouldn’t say that the exclusives are better than the 360, at least not for now, XBOX has 141 games with rating over 80 in metacritic while the PS3 has 101. That is 40 more games in the 360. And by the way Heavenly Sword didn’t make the cut and I agree with that.

  • ACTUALLY…it’s Jin. And it’s taken from the Tekken 3 pic. Not Tekken 6 guys…so everybody cool it :cheerful:

  • You would also notice that I didn’t list Flow, Flower, Super Stardust HD, Patapon, Piyotoma, PAIN, Trails of Topog, etc.

    Dude, PSN has JUST as many exclusives as Xbox Live. hence why is said: EXCLUDING PSN EXCLUSIVES and EXCLUDING XBOX LIVE EXCLUSIVES…

    That is a pretty bad comparison to try and make…in my opinion…

  • BHW

    My second Xbox just blew up on me (1 DVD drive one RROD) and must say MI Digital are a right bunch of pr!cks. Warranty claim sent through on the 12th of May and to date no feedback what so ever. No response to any of the follow up e-mails and phoning them is about as much fun as getting a prostate exam from Paul Bunyon.

  • microsoft has the smallest list of exclusives, if it comes on pc then it it is not exclusive so they is no contest sony wins. to play killzone i had to buy a palystation to play it, xbox game i just buy it for my if i didnt have to buy a xbox to play it its not exclusive.

  • georgeenoob

    Just out of curiousity,

    Why does this guy list games that haven’t even been released yet for the PS3, yet he doesn’t list the unreleased titles for the 360?

    And someone plese tell me how someone can eliminate Gears of War 1 and 2 from the 360 exclusives list?

  • PS3 and Xbox 360 are both good consoles, (DUH) nevermind the Wii. :angel:

    But the reason I have an Xbox 360 is NOT because I’m an Xbox 360 fanboy… the Xbox just has the games I like that is not on the PS3… This is just me… PS3 games bore me.(I don’t like MSG, Killzone and what not. Its not the type of games I play. Heck I have a PSP, so no need for PS3.) But for others the PS3 has the games they like that the Xbox does not have etc… I agree, I like the Xbox remote much more. Feels so… fresh and something new to me. BTW I’d rather buy a R1700 console thats has GORGEOUS graphics (Ya Sony… just as goergeous graphics as your console, if not 1% better) than waste my money on an expensive PC that has SOME of the games the Xbox has. And I dont really need Blu-ray. I don’t waste money on buying Blu-ray movies. They’re expensive, I’d rather get the normal DVDs, as long as I get to see the movie… I’m happy. I don’t care about HD movies. And those people complaining about RROD… shows you how much you actually play the Xbox… Why else would it overheat of extremely LONG playing times? I do, however take my hat off to Sony for their inovative hardware and Blu-ray (not that Xbox needs Blu-ray)

    PS: I don’t have a PC… I have a laptop. 😉

  • ID Bash

    Alls I have to say about this article… All wrong…. lol I am a PC gamer and you went 100% wrong from calling Killzone the king of fps! If it isn’t on PC, it ain’t king… it is not possible! Second on most of these games, watch Zero Punctuation… that’ll set you straight, because as far as quality, PS3 has none apart from Little Big Planet. (not that XBox has many either…)

    Stop being a Gaystation Fanboy and look logically. You lost this round for the exact same reason XBox lost last round: You ditched fun for graphics and fancy crap hardware. :alien:

  • ID Bash

    Gaystation Fanboy… Thats all. If he thinks that Sony has released ANYTHING other than good graphics he is a fanboy.

    Fun fact: I know more people that bought PS3 as a blu-ray player than those that purchased one for gaming purposes.

  • ID Bash

    I laughed so hard…. XBOX was considerably better on pretty much every level! That is extremely funny. I love the end line.

    “Overall, the PlayStation 3 outputs visuals that are either on par with the Xbox 360 or only slightly behind.”

  • Bash, why the fuck do u even post here if ur a PC gamer? it’s a 360 vs PS3 exclsive comparison.

    Stupid ass mfocker, and u have a bear as an avatar, lame bro

  • The Panda is the default avatar for anyone without a gravatar account….

  • killbots

    Close ? in 2007 yeah, since 2008, and for the months to come, PS3 has clearly an enormous advantage.

  • killbots

    Don’t count old games if you want to see the truth.

    2008, 2009 only, because nobody play and buy older games than that (and ps3 is clearly winner this 2 years and obviously for the future)

  • killbots


  • killbots

    you are right, and even whith pc/360 exclusives “in”, ps3 has more great exclusives now.

  • killbots

    lol. in 2006, yeah.

  • killbots

    xbot, don’t lie to yourself, you are in 2009 now, and “have gotten more best graphics” was 3 years ago…not a single game on xbox can have the KZ, uncharted 2 level, it’s just impossible (even LBP, ratchet, mgs4, GT5, wipe out 1080P, etc)

  • And where exactly are you taking this information from?

  • Greg

    That’s all fine and dandy (and clearlym even the way things are listed, the PS3 clearly has the best exclusive lineup), but …

    About half of the 360 “exclusives” are also available on PC. Meaning .. well .. I could have my PS3 and still play those games on my PC without having a 360.
    Not much of an “exclusive” lineup if you ask me …
    Only true exclusives so far are Halo 3 (1& 2 on PC), Fable 2 (1 on PC), Halo Wars (probably headed to PC though), and …. Viva pinata? (yuk)

    Oh, btw. The Last Remnant is confirmed for PS3, in an improved version, so it’s no exclusive anymore. Same for Bioshock 1 (and 2 now), Inferno (Alone in the Dark), etc. etc.

    In 2008 and now 2009, the 360 has bled “exclusives” faster than it took em from the PS3 in 2006/2007 it seems.

    P.S: I haven’t seen any trace of the great Valkyria Chronicles (one of the best games of 2008 imo), as well as Resistance 1 & 2, all three great exclusives for the PS3.

  • Are you kidding me? I own an Xbox as well…and a gaming pc. I’m not a fan boy. This is about exclusivity. And how can you argue. The statistics are there. And about xbox having 140 games with metacritic scores of over 80…maybe…but they have been released WAY before Sony…that’s like saying PC has more exclusives…in 1985? I mean, come on! ANd about me listing games that haven’t been released yet…I listed 3 games, that we’re coming in the near future. Even if you take those 3 games out, Sony still wins. dude. Count them! It’s literally just more better games for sony. not about who has better graphics or anything. you guys are missing the point. It’s about…who has more games made solely for that console! geez…that’s why it’s called exclusivity!

  • Dude, the title is called Xbox 360 vs. PS3! Ding ding? Nobody here cares about the PC thing as I wasn’t listing it…and when it comes down to it there…Killzone is the current king of the FPS…on xbox and ps3…wow :blink:

  • I just kind of had to say that so that I don’t get more slaughtered by fanboys calling me a fanboy… :ermm:

    O, and here come the comments again! :whistle:

  • easy

    its makes for a refreshing change to be labeled a ps3 fanboy on this site… usually its the ps3 boys and girls slamming lazy for being an xbox fanboy.

    i’m sure next week after e3 things will be back to normal 😉

  • Not my story ;),

    You think I would write 13 pages of text :blink:

  • fred

    The only title I would like to see going PS3 is Left for Dead , that is about it.

  • easy

    thats what i’m saying… for once you not at the brunt of disgruntled readers’ nonsensical comments!

  • darthdad

    “You think I would write 13 pages of text :blink:”

  • reza

    xbox owns

  • Hahaha! I must say, for 13 pages of text, I’m loving that this article inspired exactly what I wanted from it…FLAMING TO THE MAX! Dude, the xbox360 vs. ps3 war is on and I’m loving it!

  • WitWolfyZA

    Calm down junior.. Here take some coffee

  • WitWolfyZA

    I only have one thing left to say… And goes a little something like this…. “Sony you went wrong with your PS3, Id rather keep playing my 360. I hope this song has helped you understand. How to kill your brand…” I love that song :cwy:

  • I understand this article is about *exclusitivity* :wassat:

    If the PS3 has *SO GOOD EXCLUSIVES* then WHY is the Xbox still in the lead?!

    BUT the Xbox 360 is not leading in the market for no reason…
    Even if PS3 had come out the same time as the Xbox… I still think the Xbox would be in the lead by a few 100 000s units… even though the PS3 has the *apparently fantastic Blu-ray that will apparently change your life as you know it and apparenlty ressurect your dead loved ones* WTF?! :getlost: geez… PS3 fanboys have weird imaginations. Face the facts… THANK YOU and have a nice day.

    But then again, we will have to wait for E3… and to be honest I CANT WAIT :devil:

    PS: If you guys (those defending the PS3 and its *apparently fantastic exclusitivity*) think the PS3 is so great. I would like to see you live your life with ONLY the PS3 and no Xbox… with ONLY the games that has come out till this very moment.

    Happy playing… hope the PS3 fulfills your *apparently fantastic exclusitivity* deathwish… good luck with that 😆

  • darthdad


  • Shhhhh! CRICKEY! Over here we have one of the most feared animals…the dreaded fanboy…also know as xboxiless toomuchlovitess! Oooooh! It’s a scary fellow! Look closely gamers…if you look very very closely, you’ll see the underdeveloped fangs! Right there! Right above the elongated chin cavity. Why do they have that you ask? To talk so much of course! CRICKEY! Sure is a mean looking fellow!

    Well, that was kind of my Steve Irwin impression. RIP brother :angel:

    But seriously, are you still on about that one? Okay,I could EASILY live my life without Fable 2 and Mass Effect. Could I live my life without Solid Snake and Nathan Drake? I think not sir! And once again! I OWN BOTH CONSOLES! So how can you call me a fanboy? I spent the damn money on both! And on their games! That CANNOT classify me as a fanboy! Can it? :whistle:

    Well, I’m blowing more money tommorow any! InFamous and Bionic Commando…HERE I COME :w00t: YES PLEASE! O wait…if you don’t have a PS3 you can’t pick up InFamous tommorow. Ooooh, that has to suck…:wink:

  • Damn cat just ran over my keyboard! Sorry! I don’t even know what that is…hahaha! lot of dots? Nice going feline! Anyway, lazy, I see I can’t remove it…would you be so kind please?

  • jay

    I can live with out MGS4 I have a PS3 and had no interest, I don’t know if I can’t live without Master Chief… Drake is awsome too. :ninja:

  • You can live without Solid Snake? Isn’t that like saying you can live without Vanilla Coke? You didn’t really like it, but for some reason you miss it. i know I do…

  • LOL :biggrin:

    If you like PS3 games so much… why have both consoles?

    I thought (as it looks to me) you dont need the Xbox…
    Apparently youve got all the goodies on the PS3s side? :wassat: So if I were you Id throw the Xbox in the garbage…

    One thing I LOVE about the PS3 is its cool and stylish game cases.

    Bliksem_182 … meet Babelas_183 isnt she so adorable?! :kissing:

    But like I said… lets wait for E3

    Then we will talk again

  • WitWolfyZA

    Dude if i were you i would give Bionic commando a miss the reviews arent so hot from what i read.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Solid Snake is way better than Master Chief… ANYDAY!

  • WitWolfyZA

    I dont think MS has anything good to offer at E3 this year

  • HAHAHAHA! Babelas_183? I like that one Yeah mate, like I said, i have some titles (hence why I bought the xbox 360) that I just had to have! I mean, most of them still released on PC as well (o damn, here come the PC fanboys again) but I’m a console gamer. Through and through. Gears of War, Left 4 Dead and Halo were deal breakers for me. Gears of War especially. I played the second one religiously. It’s still…that what you just said…about the stylish cases, is why I buy the PS3 version of a game if it is avaliable on both consoles. Like Bionic Commando & Prototype…I know the graphics is probably gonna almost identical on both…the shiny clear case just looks nicer in my room than a freaking lumenous green box… :blink:

  • I don’t know mate. It’s kind of a fence sitter. IGN giving it an 8.0 and metacritic giving it a 71…that basically means you’re going to have fun, but not be blown away and TOTALLY satisfied that you spent money on it. This would hands down be one of those games which would be nice to get for free. But I think I’ll still buy it, just as I’m INFATUATED with swinging through buildings. Ever since spidey dissapointed me so badly, things just haven’t been the same… :cwy:

  • Fox1

    Marcus Fenix rules!!!!! :tongue:

  • Fox1

    The green box separates it from the rest :angel:

  • Fox1

    So if the PS3 is so good for exclusives then why have so many PS3 exclusives jumped ship to the greener side? :tongue:

    GTA, Tekken, Resident Evil, Formula 1 and Final Fantasy? :silly:

    And where is a casual racer for the PS3 like PGR? Is it worth waiting 4-5 years for an exclusive like GT5? :sleeping:

  • LOL! :biggrin:

    Yah, its not the colour that I don’t like.
    Its just the shape of the Xbox cases I dont like.
    I like the green. So unusual.
    But Im stickin to Xbox thank you very much…

    Have fun with Babelas_183 for me!
    She was so nervous when she was at my place. :wub:

  • easy

    formula one was not liverpool studio’s loss, it was bernie ecclestone’s doing.
    and the reason for that was the same as ecclestone’s, pure economics.
    but that has no baring on this article what-so-ever… its about exclusives, and exclusives only.

    :sleeping: too much, and you miss the point.

  • Fox1

    F1 asked for a renewal fee of the license and Sony could not afford it. Simple as that. Codemasters paid the fee for the F1 license and now they have the license to make the next F1 game :cheerful:

  • O, she wasn’t nervous at my place. Had her over last nite. Thanks for introducing us. We maika sexy tima :w00t:

    You like the green colour of the boxes? mmmm. I don’t know. Just kind of stands out too much. The clear cases (when nicely organized in their DVD rack) just look beautiful. It looks like they’re invisible, and just the titles of the games are suspended in the air…NICE 😆

  • WitWolfyZA

    Thats weird then hey? Got that same pic when i downloaded the trailer from xbox market place

  • WitWolfyZA

    I had the same thing happen to me so i just took my console to the nearest flea market and they fixed my console in 4-5 working days.. But i see BT games can also repair RROD now

  • WitWolfyZA

    I read on that site that compares PS3 to Xbox that the xbox has terrible tearing issues compared to the PS3 version. so if you get it, get it for the PS3 version than 🙂

  • WitWolfyZA

    Like they say buddy.. The grass is greener on the other side… Jump in lol

  • WitWolfyZA

    Why do they say GTA and Re is PS exclusives??? C’mon ive seen all these games getting ported to Pc eventaully so it isnt really like an exclusive. More like a timed one

  • WitWolfyZA

    I just think Sony could of been more creative with they’re platinum range… It looks so dull though

  • oli

    finally, someone with some sense :w00t: , not just another fanboy. I have got a ps3, and i got it cos I thought it would be “futer proof”, when it got going. its 2009 and i still DONT regret it. its capabilities are endless (bluetooth, blueray,1080p etc etc…), and i’m not getting ripped of by MS with live. :biggrin:

    QUICK FACT: liberty city in GTA IV had to be almost halved in size cos it wouldn’t fit on 360 :pinch:

  • oli

    FACTS-(welcome to 2009)

    -ps3 has sold more consolls than 360
    -killzone is best game ever (exclusive wise- true title goes to CoD 4 :tongue:
    -360 has faster framerate
    -ps3 has better graphics

  • I am pretty sure the 360 is outselling the PS3 in 2009, do you have a link to show our side?

  • WitWolfyZA

    I seriously Doubt that the PS3 out sold the Xbox in 2009… MGS 4 didnt shift as many consoles as Sony expected ( 4 million games sold to date)kinda pathetic… Not to mention Killzone 2… I think it only recently sold 900 000 – 1 000 000 copies if im not mistaken

  • easy

    4 million is not a bad figure considering gears2 has sold about 5 million copies, and if you factor in the 360’s lead, mgs4 has a better strike rate than gears2.

    but yeah, i think the 360 is maintaining its lead in sales by a small margin.
    the ps3 definitely wont catch up in 2009, unless something spectacular happens.

  • Those cutscene’s are rendered with the in game engine LOL

  • A4-F8

    ps3 :heart: :pirate:

  • All those PS3 fanboys saying the PS3 has better graphics are humiliating themselves…MASSIVELY

  • grant ps3

    Overall xbox will cost more including live.

    Quick fact microsoft is highering their prices soon

  • meatcake

    X360 is the official has been console of this generation. My sincere condolensces to all that bought one 🙁

  • plasmicblast

    I’d just like to say that i own a ps3. and i love it and i never regret it. I do admit that the 360 and the PS3 have about even the number of decent exclusives. It depends on which type you like better/which ones you dislike. I personally dislike Halo 3 story line (online is fun though), and i despise gears of war. I also find Fable redundant ( i HAVE played all before) I personally like Killzone, God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII VERSUS, Kingdom Hearts (maybe), and MGS4 and Gran Turismo, inFAMOUS, LBP I also like the Blu Ray player-i use netflix and they have a great variety of blu ray movies. So stop bashing each other and just agree that each person likes different games. I am not the biggest online gamer ever and would hate to have to pay 5$ a month for a feature i rarely use but have fun with.

    YES i am aware some of those games aren’t released yet.

    So all in all it depends on which games you like and which ones you dislike. And which features you like or dislike (blu ray or better online experience)

    i know i will get bashed for saying the 360 has a better online experience, but lets face it, most games for 360 have better online than the ps3.

  • Snorre

    :alien: Hmmmm… dont you mean Microsoft is XBOX loving instead of PC loving? Left 4 Dead is originally a PC game, the Orange box too! And Titles such as God of War, Killzone and Uncharted will never be seen on the Xbox360…

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