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So far for the several years that the PSN store has been online it has struggled to get out of the shadow cast on it by the 360’s version, XBLA.

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) have formerly announced that they have their spanners ready to make some serious improvements to the PlayStation Network Store. According to them they’ll be upgrading the digital quality of new games to be hitting the store soon.

PSP content such as music etc will be of far better quality as well once downloaded from users PC’s. PSN also sees other games like Fat Princess along with tons of PS one original titles to hit the store soon as Sony aims (for now) to concentrate as much as possible on the PlayStation.

Sony’s plans are to increase the more than 200 titles already on the network to a whopping 300 by the end of the year. Rumors are also spreading that Sony have secured exclusivity for DLC content for new games.

It looks like Sony may really step out of the Xbox Live’s shadow… at least the’re definitely trying hard and may finally become some worthy contenders.

Source: gamingfront

Last Updated: June 10, 2009

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  • PSN has improved loads since I 1st went on.. and its getting better every month

  • Lupus

    I actually like using the PSN, I use it on my PSP and it is so easy and quick, compared to Live, also everything is in Rands and the games are not expensive, you can get some classic PS1 games for R45, compared to 800MS points which works out at R70+

  • 0rk0

    Want the same amount of content as the US store…

  • Quagga

    Lol, Sony is the one casting the shadow, and for some time now.

    They could improve the store for us South Africans by taking some tips from the US store, but at least South African PS3 users *HAVE* an official store to speak of.

  • Extremely helpful. I love the way you write. Do you have an RSS feed?

  • Faheem

    Thanks HCG.
    Well I can’t answer about the RSS feeder for lazygamer but you can ask Lazygamer himself or one of the other writers for now. Otherwise use Lazy’s twitter. I’m no longer writing for the site (got too busy unfortunately) but i do miss it so who knows, if the future grants me with a little more time and the same income, then I’ll use the time to write again. :biggrin:

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