Quick Update: GTAIV DLC Blocked in SA

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Just a quick post for any of you who are still wondering about The Lost and the Damned DLC for GTAIV, it has been confirmed that the DLC is indeed blocked for all South Africans, meaning that we probably won’t ever have access to the expansion, well, not without the use of a VPN.

Once again, this really sucks and us South African are left behind. All of you who specifically bought the Xbox 360 version for the exclusive content must be feeling a little bit let down to say the least.

Microsoft are the lost and we are the damned.

[Thanks UnsafestCorpse for the tip and pic]

Last Updated: February 17, 2009

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  • Seun

    Damn microsoft to hell!

  • this is rather distrubing … although i should really finish the game itself

  • Atomic

    hmm.. Wonder how long it’s gonna take for MS to recover that $50m exclusive price, seeing as a large portion of their “illegal live” customers will be affected by this.

  • GougedEye

    Interesting. If anyone cares enough there should at least be a misleading advertising case opportunity here. GTA-IV was definitely sold in SA with the understanding that there would be DLC later.

  • Vern

    How big is the download?

  • It’s a 2Gb download. Have fun pulling that over a VPN.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Man we should of catched the drift when the Geow 2 Map packs werent included. They knew we werent getting LIVe or Getting LIVe anytime soon. the freaking noobs

  • DarkOcean

    Let me tell you this is also not just mearly a simple update its is more like a full on Add On.

  • WitWolfyZA

    1.78GB to be precise they even went as far as saying it can take 10 – 15 hours to complete this little puppy aswel

  • WitWolfyZA

    we should make a list of 8 ways Microsoft rip they’re customers off in 3rd world countries:

    1. Completely over price they’re accesories and consoles
    even though its just $199 for the arcade

    2. Promise Live. And giggle yourself to sleep thinking they’ll never get it

    3. Make sure there are no accesories they can afford

    4. Make sure there are some games they can afford (Hype them up so that they cant continue living without playing it)

    5. Denie them mjority of DLC and laugh as we see their IP getting blocked one after another.

    6. Promise them the NEW XBOX EXPERIENCE… NOTE: But make them beg for it.

    7. Make sure there arent always xbox’s in stock to replace the hardware failure ones.

    8. Give empty dates to demands they want.

    9. Sleep at night knowing i ripped more people off than a raving beggar

  • Altman

    Just like to give Microsoft a big THANK YOU!Really!Thanks for blocking the GTA DLC from SA,you guys really know to F#ck someone over and thanks for making it my first KAK day of the year so far.

  • Altman

    Guys go on Marketplace and download it now,for some reason mines downloading now no VPN required!

    Boggled I am.

  • http://www.lazygamer.co.za/xbox-360/confirmed-gta-iv-dlc-unblocked

    We’re not sure what’s going on but get it while it’s hot

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