Ratchet And Clank Future: A Crack In Time Arriving Last Month…

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…that is of course, if this month was November but when it comes to cracks in time, things can get a little confusing.

Ok seriously now, the new Ratchet and Clank titled “A Crack In Time” has been officially confirmed for October 27 and continues on from where the previous PS3 titles left off. I am one of those sad individuals that missed the Ratchet and Clank boat but I keep hearing fantastic things about them.

So tell you what, leave a comment and let us know what you love about the series and why it’s worth picking up. I also wonder if I can find Tools of Destruction for a steal of a price so long…

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Last Updated: August 27, 2009

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  • easy

    to be honest i didn’t get what was so special about this game, even after playing it for a while… its just that when you start you find it difficult to put down.

    can’t pin point the appeal, but its there none-the-less.

  • evilredzombie

    every one knows I love sony… but damm it ! I just cant get my self to like ratchet and clank… tried tools of destruction and quest for booty.. just cant get a liking in it

  • darthdad

    The WEAPONS! :w00t:

  • Darthpenguin

    Remember that magical feeling of awesomeness Naughty Dog has in Crash Bandicoot (like before they sold the license and it was still awesome).. thats why Ratchet and Clank has (except with guns :P)

  • chainedfly2002

    for me it was the second ratchet and clank that started it, I think it was the mix of platforming mixed with shooting. also the comedy in the game always made it for me.

    and the leveling up of guns was for me always cool, you started with this tiny damage gun and ended up with this monster tool of destruction. :biggrin:

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