Red Alert 3 to look and play better on the PS3 – or so says EA Games

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Eurogamer posted up a story yesterday clarifying what David Seeholzer from EA Games had said about Red Alert 3 looking better on the PS3.

Apparently he had stated the day before that fans can expect

“better graphics [and] improved performance”

When pushed further he clarifies this by saying the PS3 version will be better is because they have a dedicated team working on it and that they were able to use more complex rendering than the PC (and 360) version.

This story was then picked up and spreads as proof that the PS3 version is better and I then received a nice email from Nick (not our Nick) asking why I didn’t post about it.

Well the reason I ignored it yesterday is not because I am a raving Xbox 360 fanboy or that I hate the PS3. It’s actually because this isn’t the first time that EA have come out and said this and as of yet they haven’t been able to fulfil this promise.

I hope they do manage to pull it off and when the game is released I am sure that the technical geniuses around the world will compare it thoroughly to the Xbox 360 version that has already been released, and we will be able to answer this question.

However until then this is just getting filed under the same the press release rantings that we see from all the publishers and distributors around the world.

Source: Eurogamer

[Thanks Nick for the email]

Last Updated: January 23, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Mr Bigglesworth

    Screw the game… who is this chick !?

  • So basically what you’re saying is that EA are going to intentionally gimp the 360 version to prove that they can write efficient code for the Ps3?

  • Just to clarify, I by no means said it was “proof” that the PS3 version was better. I even conceded that I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be bollocks.

    Still, I believe the story is newsworthy. Eurogamer thought so.

  • Fred

    This we have to see , come on Lazygamer , do your own comparison one the game is out.

  • That would be the daughter of one Mr Rowan Atkinson.. Gemma Atkinson

  • I do like my life, I think I would be lynched either way if we did it.. and unfortunately I don’t have the equipment

  • The 360 version is actually out already, they are trying to improve the game for the PS3 version

  • I did not realise that you were the same Nick… awesome website by the way…

    And again thanks for bringing this up

  • baba

    As I understand the article, they said they were able to use some of the more complex rendering techniques from the PC version, not render more complex than the PC.

  • Wolfy

    Mr.Bean’s got good gene’s damn she’s not bad! Thats it im getting a flight attendant set for my GF!

  • Wolfy

    cant see how much times the graphics can get better on a stragedy anyhow

  • Heh, thanks. 🙂

  • eyesuc

    unfortunately, not related to Mr Bean. Gemma’s father passed away a while ago already.

    she shares the same last name, and thats it.

  • I did not know that… I fell for the rumours 🙁

    Thanks for clearing that up

  • Fred

    You will probably need a magnifying glass to see the differences. Anyway who cares Killzone and RE5 is almost here.

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