Red vs Blue: Reconstruction – Chapter 2 released today

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The second episode of the new series of Red vs. Blue was released today, and it’s pretty much a return to the wacky craziness of the first seasons. Check the video to see Sarge’s idea of home security.

Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction – Chapter 2

[Ed]I know these guys want the hits for their advertisers and I really can understand that but not being able to embed a video just seems wrong… Can’t they rather sell advertising space at the beginning of the video instead?

Anyway this was well worth the watch so click through and take a look.

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  • j4nr1k

    Anyway of downloading these? Streaming does not work at work 🙁

  • Vamp

    You can download it from the site. – click on the redvsblue tab at the top and then on the video’s button on the left (i think).
    It’ll show you a list of the episodes to either view or download. You can also download old episodes from the archive
    (if that is still available. Not sure)

  • Vamp

    I see they changed it. You have to be a sponsor to download it these days. That sux 🙁

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