Resident Evil 5 Install on the PS3 – You gotta be kidding

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My pet hate is back, I have been good recently and have avoided the game install issue but when I saw this advertising poster today I just couldn’t resist.

You can click the image for a larger version if you like but the most important thing on the image is that you are going to need a minimum of 5000Mb to install the thing if you are unfortunate enough to have the PS3 version.

What gets me about this is that you firstly have to spend the time installing the game and then it takes up 1/8th of your hard drive and when you finally get to play the game you are getting the same experience as the Xbox 360.

I stand by my belief that the community should have stopped Sony doing this in the very beginning and the way that the community has accepted the installs on the 360 now just fills me with dread.

I don’t want a sandwich thank you very much.

Last Updated: February 2, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

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  • Lupus

    I’ve recently installed Fallout 3 on my hard drive, I like the fact that on the 360 it is optional. I must admit the loading times are a lot less and the DVD drive has a break.
    I think that on the PS3 the main problem is the fact that the BR drive is slow on reading so the install is mandatory to compensate for that?

  • Mark

    Yeah, nothing wrong with HDD installs, just another option – you need to pay for – but, has definitely made the xbox more stable, faster and quieter. Personally I have not problem waiting for the install… :whistle:

  • easy

    i don’t see how this is sony’s doing? there are few games that do not require an install.
    seems like its the developers which decide whether or not their respective games require installs.

    besides that, i do not see what the issue is? the 10-15 minute install time does not ruin a game, nor dampen the experience.

  • Wolfy

    In my opinion . HDD installs are the best thing since fish and chips. Textures come up like they were meant to and game play gets smoother like it was intended to be in the first place. I would love to know who decided that Consoles were MEANT to run of discs and discs alone?

    If it gives the gamer the ultimate gamming experience to install every game to a HDD like our old PC’s use to do then why not

  • ewie

    5 GB – that is almost the whole game. what is left on the blu-ray disc after this ?

  • Nduimiso

    20GB of fluff so sony can justify games on blu ray

  • Shodan

    Agreed.. Maybe just a while ago when the consoles started to appear installing on hard drives just wasnt needed but with todays new demanding games it seems like they dont have any choice. And we all know the PS3 has a slower drive so cant blame them if they need to take the install approach, next thing the remove the installs and then we B**** about the texture swopping. Seems a gamer cant be pleased :angel:

  • baba

    Another boring ‘I pet hate installs’ article. I thought we were over it by now FFS.

    Haven’t got anything better to report on?

  • ocelot

    lol and how is this Sony’s fault?? They don’t make the game. In fact, Killzone 2 and Uncharted, which are Sony titles, do not require installs.

  • dewej

    not much better than pc :face:

  • dewej

    somebody needs a nap 🙂

  • Not really hey… it was a slow day

  • Sony as the console owner holds the rights to whether or not a game can be made for the console or not.

    They could have stopped this nonsense instantly by refusing to license the first game that tried this

  • Does Killzone 2 have an install?

  • PS3

    They may not make the game, but they surely have a massive influence over those who do :shocked:

  • I haven’t seen any reports otherwise so I would say they stuck to the previous promise of no installs

    Which makes it an even better game than it already is

  • Wolfy

    Some companies probably believe the game gives a smoother run when its installed to the HDD. Especaily when it was ported ???

  • Wolfy

    I beg to differ if this game is supposibly to be more superior than MGS 4 then i know it will need a install no doubt. Will probably also have a chapter per chapter install

  • andrew

    i tried to download resident evil 5 on my ps3 and ive been setting here for 45 minutes and still on 0 percent.any suggestions?

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