Routine to release on Steam in 2013

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The permadeath survival horror game Routine by indie studio Lunar Software will be releasing around March or April next year. After being Greenlit by fans, many compare the game to Dead Space; only it will be much harder with no respawns!

The game is set on an abandoned Moon Base designed around an 80’s vision of the future. Players will have to find enough data and survive long enough to uncover the truth behind the suspect disappearance of the people stationed on the Lunar Research Station. I’m not quite sure if it can be compared to Dead Space, unless it has the same kind of rich and in-depth storyline during the game.

According to an interview on EDGE, this sci-fi horror is inspired by movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, the original Alien, and bleak 1972 space thriller Silent Running.

“I didn’t want to make a game that is like a movie, though,” said Aaron Foster, the man behind the creation of the game. “I want to start pushing the reasons why people interact with a game. A game should mean something more than pressing the right buttons to trigger cutscenes.”

The permadeath system introduced in the game is said to be meant to make players think about what they do, instead of just going through mindless gameplay.

“That’s a good starting point for putting pressure on the player,” Foster says. “If a player comes to the game with typical FPS preconceptions and dies I hope the permanent death will make them sit back and question what they do.”

For more info on this game, check out the official website.

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Last Updated: November 12, 2012

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