Rumbling SIXAXIS at developers

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We can confirm that prototypes of the new rumble-enabled controllers have made their way to various Sony developers

There you go, they are coming but are still most probably a way away…

We are expecting an official announcement at Leipzig this year, I have been saying from the beginning that I would wait until the PS3 rumbles before picking one up. Now with a possible rumbling, cheaper PS3 available for Christmas things are looking positive.

Now all we need are some AAA games…

Source: Inner Bits » Blog Archive » PS3 Controller News and Rumors — Changing the Games Industry, One Bit at a Time.

Last Updated: August 2, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • milez_away

    let’s hope that developers are quick off the mark to release rumble patches for existing games. I’m sure owners of Motorstorm will be VERY grateful.

  • Max0991

    I just hope that you don’t need to get a new PS3 for rumble,and you can simply go and buy the rumble controller and it will work on the all ready released PS3s.

  • Ruslan

    I want Sony to give me a voucher so I can trade in my Sixaxis for a rumble enabled controller, not really desiring to spend money on a THIRD controller simply for their arrogance.

  • ocelot

    Yet you endorse MS charging people to buy a HDD for the new games that will come out?

  • Ruslan

    I dont. Its a person’s choice to buy a X360 with or without a HDD. Nobody is forcing him to tilt towards a Pro or Core unit is it? At least has a choice unlike slap-bang BR drive take it or leave it from Sony. Tell me which game uses it to full capacity for now and to what benefit? I have only seen the latest 2-3 movies actually use the BR disc to its full capacity as well. Time will tell if BR & HD-DVD arent another Betamax. 😉

  • Ruslan

    I just realized this is the rumble controller thread, nothing to say about that? If I have a friend who comes over to play Burnout 5 with rumble do I now have to dish out another R700 for two controllers coz of Sony’s intial blunder?

    And here I wondered who usually screws the consumer more, Sony or MS…

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