Rumour Has It: We haven't seen the end of 360 Slim rumours

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Not too long ago, prior to the release of the PS3 Slim, I’m sure you all remember the hordes of rumors regarding the new console. Whether it be on forums, blogs, news sites or scribbled on the back of a public toilet door… we’ve all seen them.

Since the PS3 Slim has now been announced these photoshop monkeys are now looking for a new target and luckily fo rus they didn’t move very far from their last idea… yeah its the Xbox 360 Slim.

Take a look below at some of the fake models you may come across on the world wide web (of lies).


Wii Much?



Source: gamingbolt

Last Updated: August 26, 2009

  • Someone

    Why do they all look like Wii’s and PS2’s?

  • Actually number two isn’t a fake, it’s just a DVD-Drive-less 360 case mod. The guy created it to use it as a media centre 🙂

  • Well it’s a fake as it isn’t being developed by Microsoft or available to purchase

  • invitro7

    If MS is working on a slim version, I think they have a lot of work to do. The design will have to be compatible with all the current market peripherals ie; the hard drive. I can’t see them bringing out a 360 slim, with a whole new range of peripherals.

  • Q121

    Isnt the PS3 slim teh same size as an xbox 360????

    You dont need to slim it down any more.

    Bring on Natal 🙂


  • Faheem

    Yeah I say forget about the Slim – just fix the issues once and for all and maybe allow us to send our Xbox’s in for upgrades like BluRay or something cool like a Roosterkoek toaster and maybe some dipping sauce. Come on evrybody loves Roosterkoek and dipping sauce… not necessarily together but yeah – right? :biggrin:

  • Q121

    I would DEF pay money for the Rooster cook upgrade 🙂


  • WitWolfyZA

    The temperature is more or less there hahaha

  • Faheem

    spot on ol chap – maybe even a wake-an-bacon but sadly I cant eat the bacon.

  • ewie

    Just put in a better dvd drive, Like the ones on the ps3 or wii.

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