Rumour: COD 7 Heading To Vietnam

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I love the smell of rumours in the morning.

Unless you didn’t notice, World War 2 shooters are getting a little tired, and by a little I mean extremely.

While I did enjoy Call of Duty: World at War, it is obvious that Activision need to start looking elsewhere for a new setting, and Vietnam is the obvious solutions. I always wondered why the COD series never went to Vietnam but I also realised that the style of warfare in Vietnam doesn’t really gel very well with the action elements of Call of Duty, but I am sure that they will work something out, right?

According to the rumours, Activision have been hunting down licensed music from the Vietnam era, although Activision have chosen not to comment. With Modern Warfare 2 coming out this year, it’s pretty safe to say that Treyarch will be at the helm.

What do you guys think? Is Vietnam a good or bad idea and will Treyarch be able to pull it off decently?

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: May 4, 2009

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  • bokka1

    I think Vietnam is a great idea. Vietnam has different settings from jungles to mountains to swamps. Nice helicopter gun ships and semi modern weapons. The best will be the music from the Woodstock era.

  • Scotty777

    cod 7… whoa, this is worse then the NFS series… but Vietnam could work… but what they’d have to do is give just jets and helicopters at points :). but yeah, the jungle scene could be quite confusing as all those tree’s and random explosions… thing is, every war is different, so maybe they should portray this game as that. WW2 was just chaos, MW was the planned and strategic war with nuclear weapons. Vietnam could be the war where no one really knows what to do, but they do shit anyways…

  • Crank up CCR and blow sh*t up? Yes please!

  • MaxiViper

    Its about time we go back to Vietnam, cuz the last time I played a game based on veitnam was back since “Battlefied Veitnam”

  • dewej

    7, huh? we were on 4 like 2 years ago, what is this?
    I think a it would be awesome if they let you be the viatnamese, laying traps and shooting down choppers,running from nalpalm, it would be an interesting, a change to the whole, “hooo ra, (KUDDA KUDDA KUDDA) how ya like that!? private Jackson take the machine gun! mow down them sons of bitches, Yee Haw,(KUDDA KUDDA KUDDA)” as dim witted enemies charge stupidly with spears and swords and some American hero says some lame catch phrase, it would really be eye opening,

  • I like the idea, or maybe a new game titled “NAM”?! But don’t you think the game would stir up too much attention, or maybe dig up long lost and forgotten memmories of how horrible the war was, and how it left the traumatized soldiers. :wassat:


    Cant wait….im sick of mw2 and its tiny maps where spawn tubing seems to be the only way to get kills

  • I is R smart

    if Treyarch is at the helm of cod 7 its not going to be very good itll be like waw everyone complains that the levels are terrible then only play because of nazi zombies then quit all together Treyarch is ruining the cod franchies

  • Dave Kobayashi

    COD7 vietnam will be my fave game of all time! Treyarch will learn where MW2 went wrong.The 7-12 year old ‘Kids’ wont like it tho as they wont know how to fire anything unless it is a grenade launcher with a red dot sight.

    I dont see why it will be controversial. It happened & anyway isnt Afghanistan war now ‘the new vietnam’

    MW2 is ruined now bad made up single player. the worst glitchy online game ever with the most cheats & boosters.

    If Treyarch can fix this & give a real story from both sides. Remember America Lost the Vietnam War . Just like they will Lose Afghanistan…

    • Jay

      Okay first off, I agree with everything. When you say we lost the Vietnam war there is more to it than that. Our soldiers were unmotivated because they were drafted. They weren’t there because it was their choice. Also people never respected the american soldiers. Thats why when they came back they went out of their minds. You have to remember if you have seen the types of things these soldiers have seen you most likely couldn’t return to your family. You would feel like you wouldn’t belong.

  • i think it would be sickly insane if Treyarch pulled off cod7.Cod6 is a pretty cool game but it gets really boring,and to play in vietnam that would be fucking awsome i cant wait till cod7 comes out 🙂

  • Sombra

    I think this is a excelent idea!!!

    I love Vietnam war 😉

  • Bobby Kotick is a history buff

    I demand a game based on the Korean War.

    Apart from being referenced in M*A*S*H, it’s truly the forgotten war. It’s strange because unlike the Korean war, the yanks lost the Vietnam war badly, yet they’re obsessed with it.

    Wouldn’t you rather want to fly in a MIG-15 taking out UN battalions and causing havoc for the glory of North Korea? I certainly would.. sniff

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