Rumour: Forza 3 Only 10 Months Away

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A source of Videogaming247 has informed them that Microsoft is looking to release Forza 3 this Christmas.

While nothing is confirmed, and Microsoft has yet to even comment on the game’s existance, it seems really likely that they will be aiming to have a new exclusive out this December to strengthen their line-up.

If the leaked information from last June is anything to go by, we may be looking at a 2 DVD set that will include roughly 400 cars and around 100 tracks, and please, oh please, just add cockpit view as well.

One thing I will say though, is that if Forza 3 is indeed on it’s way, they had better have something really special to put on show.

With games like GT5, GRID and a few other already showing off how good a racing game can look, Forza 3 will really need to beef up it’s visuals in order to do the kind of impressing that Microsoft needs right now.

Forza 2 was quite honestly a horrendous looking game when compared to rival racing titles, and while we all know that graphics aren’t everything, Microsoft and Turn 10 needs to at least match their competition if they want gamers to continue taking their console seriously.

I hope that the leaks from last year were true as well, because while Forza 2 wasn’t that bad in the car department, the game seriously, and I mean seriously lacked tracks. This was only made worse when DLC came offering more tracks at prices that were higher than most people wanted to pay, especially since the game shipped with so few.

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Let’s hope that we do actually see a Forza 3 this Christmas, and even more so, let’s hope that it’s something really special, because we all know that GT5 is drawing closer and closer, and at the moment, Microsoft has absolutely nothing announced that comes even close.

Source: Videogaming247

Last Updated: February 17, 2009

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  • WitWolfyZA

    I think we need something more concrete than another racing game… There’s already so many to choose from. Me myself hav’nt even finished Forza 2 yet…

    I guess Alan Wake is where my hype is laying

  • easy

    “we may be looking at a 2 DVD set that will include roughly 400 cars and around 100 tracks”

    does that not lend itself to going to higher capacity disc format?

  • Bit harsh to say that Forza 2 was “horrendous looking”.

  • theturk

    Forza 3 is definately in production. Landin from Turn 10 studios has been collecting feedback on major car enthusiast forums since at least September 08. Check out:

    Can’t wait for this. Forza 2 was near perfect. If they can improve on that it will no doubt be giving GT5 a run for it’s money – when it’s eventually released :tongue:

  • I only say that because one day a while ago I was busy playing Grid and I got the urge to put Forza back in for a bit. When I got back into the game and started playing I honestly couldn’t actually believe the difference. As far as racing games go, if you look at PGR4, GRID and GT5… Forza is the wretched in comparison.

  • Jimmytheediblewyrm

    At Last! ๐Ÿ˜€ YAY!

    I loved Forza 2, and yes while its not the prettiest game, compared to say GRID, i will take Forza 2 anyday over GRIDs’ dumbed down and lackluster car feel anyday, i hate feeling like im driving a sponge.

    Cant wait…

  • Problem is, with games like GT5 coming, you arent driving a sponge and are still getting good visuals at the same time. Is it that hard?

  • Fox1

    GRID’s graphics are over done with HDR. The handling takes away the precision of setting a hot lap. GT5 doesn’t have a vehicle upgrade option.

    Forza 2 is old but Sebring is surely the most accurately created track this generation ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  • easy

    gt5p is not the final version. when fully released it will have options to tweak and upgrade vehicles.

    you can’t really compare the two just yet.

    btw the monza circuit on forza2 is terrible

  • Inferno888

    The only way you can compare Forza2 which came out in April 2007 is to explain how graphics have enhanced, but forza2 was and still is one of my best. and yes, let’s hope forza3 is better

  • Fox1

    There is no Monza circuit in Forza 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • theturk

    Forza 2 had Monza? Surely you mean Mugello?

  • easy

    i do stand corrected

    i do have a lame excuse, but will refrain from posting :biggrin:

  • G-Forza

    William Landin,(Che’s job partner), said this yesterday in the 129 weekly pitpass report: Very busy for everyone this week as we push towards our next official release.

    My guess is, like Forza 2, Forza 3 will probably be announced at the Game Developer Conference this March.

    :heart: That’s a few more weeks guys – a few more weeks! :heart:

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