Sacred 2 – Developer Diary – Daniel Balster

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As you most probably know I love these dev diaries, to look inside the mind of the creators is very interesting. This time we get to hear from Daniel Balster about the massive upcoming RPG Sacred 2…

I have embedded a trailer after the jump which is also pretty awesome so don’t miss that.

Sacred 2

Hi, my name is Daniel Balster, and I’m part of the Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel team. Among other things, I’m in charge of coding the quest system. Before moving to Aachen to join Studio II, I was based in Gütersloh for seven years. I’ve been coding for computers and video game consoles for more than twenty years now – I think I’m getting old… 🙂

Sacred 2’s deep story with its many quests required a new and innovative approach, because, usually, every single mission is coded individually. So we developed a quest editor, enabling several people to work with the same database simultaneously. Thanks to the editor level designers may place characters and items on the map, enter dialogues in several languages, define mission parameters and link quests with each other. And since you just click stuff with your mouse and don’t code anything, you can’t make any coding errors…

To me, the best thing about my task is the fact that the quest system combines the work of all my colleagues. The level designers’ great scenery, the modelers’ cool 3D objects, the extremely complex game logic and, of course, the exciting story – the quest system requires all of that, and so I’m always the first to see and play Sacred 2! I add my colleagues’ finished components, code some modifications here and there, remove bugs and develop missing program parts, which may be not as “popular”, but have to be coded nevertheless. Algorithms, debugging, coding graphics, logic, network, web server and databases for Windows, Linux and console – a challenging mix of technologies, but, after all, that’s what makes it all so special!

I’m currently working on the inventory and equipment system. After all, everything the player finds and collects in quests or loots from enemies has to be managed. Which items may players equip, and how? What about equipping two-handed weapons along with a torch? How do we handle healing potions, weapons, shields, armors etc.? And, of course, everything has to be cheat-safe and network compatible.

Exclusive Sacred 2 Screenshot

Okay that’s it… the above screenshot is a world exclusive so enjoy… You may want to actually click on it to see the true resolution (1.6Mb)… it really is quite impressive… Makes for an awesome background as well.

Oh Sacred 2 is arriving later this year on PC and Xbox 360 only.

[Update] To see the hidden Dharma click here for a clearer view

Last Updated: March 20, 2008

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  • Jonathan Roux

    The Dharma is on the first pic on the left on the barrel in an orange colour.

  • Jonathan Roux

    Or am I getting ahead of myself?….

  • evilgrinningmonkey

    I think thats just the woodgrain.

  • Jonathan Roux


  • Well Done, we struggled to even see it after the graphic designer got his hands to it.
    Please send your postal adress to [email protected]
    If you’re going to Mayhem on Saturday, let us know and we’ll bring it along.

    Once again, congrats.

  • Burns ZA


  • evilgrinningmonkey

    Well looks like your right. Congrats boet.Only 3 minutes ahead of me. Will get it next time.

  • Jonathan Roux

    Aah YAY!! Thanks guys!! This rocks. I’ve sent the mail through Philip.

    @evilgrinningmonkey: Yea too bad I can’t play again, I would’ve loved kicking your ass again…hehehe.

  • DarthPenguin

    ya… wtf!!!

    I still don’t see it…

  • LazySAGamer

    @DarthPenguin, Don’t feel alone… I had to zoom into the picture to see it.

    I cannot believe anyone saw it that quick… Next week will now have to be harder 🙂

  • Jonathan Roux

    Sorry guys and gals, I just upped the ante…

    @ LazySAGamer: Thanks again Lazy, it’s really cool of you to have competitions like this. I owe you some Amstels!

  • LazySAGamer

    I’ll hold you to that :p

  • Naudran

    Lol, congrats… Sheesh, I still can’t see it, even zoomed-in, in photoshop 🙁

  • DarthPenguin

    I’m with you Naudran… and I’m still a springchicken (with regards to my age)… so its not my eyesight thats going… and I refuse to believe anything else of mine is going… so its not there…. april fools … haha… you all caught me…

    I’ve zoomed in 8x and still can’t see it.

  • LazySAGamer

    I have uploaded a clearer picture of the hidden Dharma picture now even I can spot it 🙂 click the link above

  • Naudran

    Ahhhhhhh… well caughtith Jonathan

  • DarthPenguin

    Thanks for the clearer pic Lazy.. I can see it now. Congrats to Jonothan… wow.. when I look at the first one.. even though I know exactly where it is now.. I still strugle to see it. Very well spotted.

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