Scratch that, DJ games more difficult to make than expected

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So I have heard in passing that two companies are busy making a DJ music title, we have Numark in one corner who are creating Scratch: The Ultimate DJ and Activision on the other side who are busy developing the uniquely named DJ Hero.

While a DJ music mixing game just isn’t my cup of tea a good old fashioned mud slinging match is right up my alley. Apparently Numark are suing Activision for stealing their idea while Activision are counter suing for something I think…

According to Numark they have just won a court injunction against Activision forcing them to return all source code to Numark… which to me implies they stole the actual code which would be exceptionally dodgy.

However Activision is not speaking at the moment and have also apparently been forced to return all the custom controllers and are now banned from talking about the game… or Numark are banned from speaking about the game… I am not sure, but someone is in a whole lot of trouble and the Activision owned 7 Studio’s CEO has been banned from touching the game at all.

It’s all very odd to be honest, virtual handbags at 10 paces please.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: April 21, 2009

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