Seriously, it's time to pre-order your console

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I will admit, I’ve been bad.  I haven’t pre-ordered my console yet, even though I know that there will be limited supply.  Somehow, I keep thinking that I’ll just be able to saunter into a store after launch and pick up my PS4 without a problem.  Well, apparently GameStop in the US of A has already run out of launch stock.

Due to high demand, GameStop is no longer taking pre-orders for the PS4.  They only began taking pre-orders on 11 June – it took less than a month for them to allocate all of their launch stock!  I’m not particularly surprised; not only was there high demand for the PS4, they also didn’t put any limits on pre-orders for a while there.  Apparently, that retailer has also hit their cap for Xbox One preorders.  So, less than a month from when pre-orders open, and they’re already closed.

Preorders are still available at our local retailers, but I’m starting to wonder for how much longer.  I suppose it’s time to bite the bullet and start saving for my next-gen console.  Who knows how much stock was actually allocated to “the Dark Continent”, and I don’t want to be the sad gamer without a shiny new console.  If it only took a month for one of the biggest retailers in ‘merica to sell out of launch stock, I wonder how long it will be for our guys to also sell out.

Also, I think this is a pretty good sign for both next-gen consoles.  Such high demand means a high early adoption rate.  Hopefully, that also translates into awesome games being developed early in the console’s life cycle without fears of profitability.

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