Shadow of Mordor: Troy Baker and Nolan North are friends

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I love the internet’s imagination. Apparently, according to social media and gossip, Troy Baker and Nolan North hate each other. Perhaps people think that because their characters are often on opposing sides, but regardless they can at least pretend to be friends, right?

In the latest behind the scenes trailer for Shadow of Mordor, we get a glimpse at Nolan North’s character, The Black Hand of Sauron. Sounds menacing.

For those who don’t watch videos, they show brief clips of the actual game, followed by plenty of banter between the actors to show that they actually like each other as human beings. It’s nice to see their chemistry in the interview together – this kind of interaction should translate into some interesting on-screen chemistry when they play opposing roles in the game.

Baker keeps stressing the depth of the characters and the story, something that is a major draw for me towards this game. Tolkien’s lore is as influential as (if not more so than) HP Lovecraft – plenty of people strive to imitate or adapt it and it has inspired so many other works. It seems that the team at Monolith and Warner Bros have stuck to the lore quite closely – this bodes well for the storyline and characterization.

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I’m not sure what they were hoping for in releasing this trailer – is it just to give us a hint of the antagonist, or perhaps it’s just about Hollywood gossip. Whatever it is, I’m ready for this game to just hurry up and launch at the end of the month.

Last Updated: September 11, 2014

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  • Admiral Chief Assassin

    Hmmm, I should do voice acting…

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      Admiral for CL4P-TP Mk.2!

      • Admiral Chief Assassin

        wub wub wub wub wub wooooooooooooooooot

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    I bet I know what they were hoping for… they were hoping that sites would pick up on the new video & post new articles about it, thus getting the game’s name in front of their readers eyes again just before launch. I’m slowly getting wise to how dribbles feed the hype train, or am I just being cynical?

  • GalacticLordCaptainAwesomeness

    Hey Guys

    Found a nice deal for this game, 25% off the Pre-purchase price 🙂

    only $37,50

    • Admiral Chief Assassin

      Is it legit?

      • Viking Of Science

        After the Sniper Elite 3 kerfuffle with Stolen keys, I’d rather just pre-order on Steam, Green Man Gaming or Gamersgate.

        Not that anyone should even Consider Pre-ordering… 🙂

      • GalacticLordCaptainAwesomeness

        Would Hope so, it takes you to Greenman Gaming where you do the purchase. just paid for my copy

        • Viking Of Science

          GMG is legit… see comment below….

          • GalacticLordCaptainAwesomeness

            In that case, 37,50 for Shadow of Mordor untill tomorrow

          • Duffman! Formerly_known as_the

            Even if it is legit. Why risk it anyways (with the keys)? I assume with the exchange rate that it will work out to at least R412.50, if not more. That’s not really significant compared to Kalahari at R419 and a slightly more expensive BT Games at R445.

          • GalacticLordCaptainAwesomeness

            Well if not, why not?

            It is from a legit source, ( if the keys are stolen, they must re-issue keys) and there is no need for me to install the game, activate game on Steam, and then do day one patch.

            Just download through steam and go.

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