Since When Does Sony Support Idiotic Fanboy Rants?

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Anyone here remember the console wars? It was that phenomenon that took the internet by storm, with Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 fanboys throwing their toys at each other just a little over two years ago.

The console wars are pretty much over, and the truth is, that it’s mostly because people got bored with having arguments which never ended, and in somewhat of a positive ending, have finally realised that each console has it’s ups and downs and at the end of the day, it mostly comes down to personal preference. The Xbox 360 is rocking it hard, the PS3 has some major titles under it’s belt and is flaunting some mad games for it’s 2009 line-up and the Wii is selling so many consoles that no one is actually bothered about it’s success anymore.

Couldn’t we just leave it there? Apparently not. A writer over at PSX Extreme, a Mr. Ben Dutka, has decided that he should flap his gums a little in an attempt to get all high and mighty about how right he was when he said the PS3 was going to be so great one day.

You know what, I don’t have much of an issue with people giving off their personal opinions, even if they are somewhat idiotic. All of this becomes strangely more interesting though, because we found this link through a Twitter posting by Sony’s Official Playstation Twitter Account.

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Is this what it’s coming to Sony? More nonsense after the jump.

The article titled, “Where Did All The PS3 Hate Go” reeks of fanboyism and is actually just downright immature in this day and age, even when compared to rants in the past. To give you a good example of how this all goes, here is the opening paragraph:

“Let me see if I can break this down for all of you haters, currently cowering in a corner and hoping to God nobody calls you to task for your doom-and-gloom claims from the early days of the PlayStation 3.”

Sony, we can all run our mouths about this sort of thing as much as we want. You however, have some sort of responsibility as a large corporation to keep yourselves out of childish garbage like this.

You may as well put up a big billboard tomorrow that says “The Xbox 360 is poo!”, with a picture of your CEO pushing his tongue out.

Seriously, most articles like this are at least based on fact, or technological comparisons or something. This guy just goes off about how all the haters must accept their punishment and feel like idiots and admit they were wrong blah, blah, blah. Worst of all, Sony thinks that this is good enough to post up as a related article to their business?

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The Xbox 360 is still giving it’s problems, but it’s still going strong, very strong. The PS3 has gained momentum in a massive way and is truly starting to shine, but it still has a heck of a lot of issues of it’s own, and enough to stop people like this from making bold claims of imminent victory.

So Sony ( as well as you, Microsoft and Nintendo), do us all a favour and keep your focus on providing us better, faster, more reliable and cheaper hardware before you waste our time with trash like this.

Here is the article, for anyone interested: PS3 News: Where Did All The PS3 Hate Go?

Read through it and tell us in the comments if you think that he makes a valid point, or if you think he possibly smoked his Weetbix the morning before he wrote it. Also let us know what your position is on major console companies getting themselves involved by reposting articles like this through their official lines of communication.

Last Updated: May 7, 2009

Nick De Bruyne

Video games writer, editor and critic since ’08. Living and breathing video games, movies and cars since the 80s. Follow me on Twitter if you love tons of gaming talk, and @pennyworthrevs for fun stuff and links.

  • baba

    Nick, I think that was a very good article. By the way, the site is PSX extreme, not PSN extreme and they are not an official Sony site. Why Sony would post it on Twitter is beyond me, perhaps they feel the same as the author.

    I have read a lot of Ben Dutka’s articles, and you have to know where he comes from before you go on a rant like this. I think he is an excellent writer, and all of his articles are always excellent, well researched and devoid of fanboism.

    PSX Extreme is the best independent Playstation site out there.

  • darthdad

    I have read worse rants than that.
    I do agree that it is all becoming very old.

  • Serge

    You are an idiot.

  • @DarthDad

    I’m sure you have read worse rants than that, it isn’t he worst of the lot, but for Sony to repost something like that is a different story.


    Ben may be a good writer, but if that is true, I truly don’t understand where he is coming from and that’s maybe even more disappointing to me…

  • Menchi

    While I do agree that Sony shouldn’t be linking to articles such as Ben Dutka’s, I also believe that journalists and the like, should all act with a little bit of restraint.

    For example, your decision to add that image to your article really does bring down what is essentially a pretty valid point.

    Sony may have a responsibility to stay out of these things, but don’t sites such as this, have that too? Aren’t they supposed to be “News” sites, and not essentially blogs voicing ignorant opinions?

    Everyone, in the gaming media, or who claims to have any journalistic ability, should really consider what they’re saying before they say it.

  • Okay,firstly – ja,I’ve read worse.There’s no
    denying tho that it’s just pot-shots at the 360.That’s
    As for his “been-proven-wrong” statement. Sorry bub,
    but I STILL find all the faults with the PS3 that I did
    in the beginning.Nothing’s changed. And no, I don’t own
    a 360 :tongue:

  • Eddie2010

    Do you own A PS3, If you do, you should see that there have been many improvements since launch and that a lot has changed on the PS3 and all have made the system much better. Your statement invalidates your opinion.

  • Eddie2010

    The photo you chose for this article shows where you are coming from.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Wow, it seems like the fanboy wars are on again, I’m in! Who agrees that the PS3 has no games and is a cheap Blu-Ray player! :ninja:
    Teh Xbox 360 is RROD garbage!!!! Xbox Live is too expensive! :ninja:

  • Just an update for you guys, after seeing some comments. The photo in the header was put there to emphasise how childish it is that Sony have gotten themselves involved in something like this.

    I am not here to prove that the PS3 is bad, or a failure, this article is a call for all of this trash to go away because no one cares anymore.

    So to everyone who wants to try and bash me for being anti-PS3, you are missing my point in a big way. Try understand that not everyone in the world is saying that your console of choice is not good, it’s just about time that all of this crap ended.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Stop talking to yourself! :ninja:

  • darthdad

    ” this article is a call for all of this trash to go away because no one cares anymore.”
    Hear Hear! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Problem Darthdad, is that this article is up on N4G and the comments are already going ballistic, which makes me wonder… do people actually not care anymore is everyone still just looking for a reason to argue and call each other names, sigh.

  • Guy

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think that Ben Dutkaรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs articles are any good. Actually, I think there not even worth the bandwidth they waste.

    He’s probably one of the worst of his kind. Mixing his own agenda with inaccurate reporting and calling it “journalism”. If PSX Extreme were to be the best independent Playstation site out there as you claim, it would only be because there are no good PS independent sites (however, I have to disagree on that as well).

    Just a quick reminder from a short while ago:
    When the highly respected Edge magazine gave Killzone 2 a 7/10, Ben went on a crazy backlash that lost him any slight signs of credibility he previously had (and he didn’t have much). He’s not a legible source for anything, and I have no idea why an official in Sony is actually refering to PSXExtreme. It’s only hurting their reputation, and the only thing they can do worse is actually teaming up with SDF.

    So to sum it up I completely agree with this article. Companies should watch where they’re going and try not to mix themselves up with some delusional fanboys.

  • Hectic, after looking into that link you posted, it seems like this Ben Dutka has stepped on many a toe in his time.

    At the same time, some people are defending him to the death, and others are nailing him to the wall. So it’s not too different from the console arguments, and ultimately means that I can’t tell who is right and wrong most of the time. I should take some time and go and read up on a lot of his older articles.

    Going off at Edges Killzone 2 review was quite silly though.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    I went there and shoe! The PS3 fanboys on N4G are pissed! Lazy already lost a bubble. N4G is a strange beast.

  • alex c

    i thnk u smaked it there my friend, lol

  • alex c

    er,,stop talking to yourself>?? and make an interesting point, or agree with one, or get lost.. maybe> talk nicley to people now…

  • alex c

    so many x box fans bigging up their console, when the few sony ones come out of their cave , everybody tries to quiet them back down,

    wel, no, there gonna stand up one day, and this day is here, 20 days wen e3 starts. hope i dont have to eat my words, xbox reveals xbox 1080, the world goes mad, everyone buys it (then buys another a week later when it breaks) sales go through the roof, and ppor old alex here has to eat his words.

    ps; it gets released with a geforce 9400. which currently can out do ps3 marginaly. next year sony fights back with new devkits firmware update, turns 9400 into more like a geforce 2 gtx. bak in the day… haha

    to finish…i do love the point in the article though, where have all the sony haters gon….well..there in their basements quitley watching a blu-ray…

    laughed str8 for 2 mins…thankyou…so much..

  • lolathon

    So crying about Sony makes you better right? :getlost:

  • Link01

    …………. it’s not from Sony.. it’s from PSX… and like Microsoft doesn’t continuously rant on Sony. Hypocritical dumbasses, that’s all I see on this site. Very bad article man. Very bad!

  • Let me rephrase – Nothing’s changed my opinion.No
    I don’t own one and I do agree that they have improved hugely. However,to me it’s still too expensive for a console. Blu-Ray is not yet mainstream enough to me to justify that price. Altho
    they are on par now,their multiplats were always lacking. Their games library doesn’t really apeal to me and is pretty expensive (which goes for all consoles). These are all personal opinions and I
    truely respect each different console, but for him to go off like everything’s 100% and everyone else is an idiot is just stupid to me. The whole
    fanboy war thing is just sad. Enjoy what you prefer and stop trying to impress others.

  • I vote for the Wii! They have topless chicks playing
    it now ๐Ÿ˜†

  • All these people getting all excited and personal again.
    You are missing the bloody point. Nick’s not putting
    anyone down, merely asking why the hell people just
    can’t seem to drop this sh*t and move on. If you want
    to raise a point and debate, try and do so with some
    dignity. Sheesh.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    It was linked to by Sony’s official twitter account. Maybe they will start to twitter N4G fanboy rants as well?

  • L-Teez

    nick your article is garbage. who cares about what that dude said on Twitter compared to MS’s Nick Greetird constantly lashing out at Sony. fuck M$ and Greentird!!

  • L-Teez

    im sorry… i meant Aaron Greentird :sideways:

  • L-Teez

    Go write an article about the immaturity and unprofessionalism of Aaron Greentirds dirty mouth

  • SlippyMadFrog

    The DS is for kids… rings a bell? :angel:

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Keep it up, maybe Sony will twitter your post.

  • He’s a friggin Saint compared to loser-hardcore-wannabee Kaz Hirai, so don’t even start kiddo.

  • realG
  • Guy2


    Inaccurate reporting? I’ve been following the PSX Extreme site for several months now and have never seen any inaccurate reporting on facts. Granted there are articles on rumors, but they are rightly named rumors. And there are articles on the writers opinion, which is completely fine because they state it as opinion.

    @ Nick – Lazygamer

    Sometimes Ben writes articles like this one simply just to post his opinion and get people to respond with theirs. Clearly he has been effective because you went and wrote a whole article about it rather than just posting a comment under Ben’s article. I agree with you that the console wars need to end, but the fact of the matter is they haven’t and probably never will.

  • who?

    You make some excellent points. Keep up the good work Nick. I know about that psfanboy Ben Douchebag. I remember when he used to write for Xbox Nerds. He’s already labeled a “fanboy”, especially after the infamous Left 4 Dead rant.

  • fuckyou!

    hey you loser writer… don’t disguise i know you hate ps3 and sony so much you little twat! idiot!

  • fuckyou!

    why? are u his bitch?

  • fuckyou!

    fuck u nick! and i fuck your sister! bwahahahaha! xbot! miserable loser! 360 will soon be R.I.P. idiot!

  • fuckyou!

    hahahah! ok this is it. i gave you my hit. never will i visit in this stvpid site again — the website of loser xbots like this writer! bwahahaha!! fuck u all xbots! and nick… you look monkey! bwahahaha! adios!

  • xbots are douchebags

    You are a douche bag.You are the perfect example as Xbots are the dumbest and the most delusional idiot fanboys of any generation gaming. suck it .and go play sales announcements as always.

  • Who let the 12yr old out his cage?

  • LevelHead

    The replies are a perfect example of what the author is talking about. Give a teenager a keyboard and watch out!

  • Do any of these people realise that I at no point said that one console was better than the other?


  • Adam

    That article is not about being a fanboy. Read it carefully and you’ll realize its about the nonsensical ramblings that fanboys spewed out during the PS3’s youth. Its an EDITORIAL, an opinion piece saying that all the “blah blah means DOOM for PS3” fanboy BS that was a dime’a’dozen for the first 2 years of the PS3’s life were just that, fanboy BS. Now that it should be seen and accepted for what it was/is, it should stop. Sony has every right to lift this article up. Do you sh!t on Honda for saying their car was rated 5* by some car magazine? Do you sh!t on Universal for pointing out that their movie was called “the ultimate movie going experience” by some critic? No, you don’t, because its called free publicity which equals free advertisement. This is not something that is below Microsoft or Nintendo’s standards and given the opportunity they would/will/have do/done the same. Don’t even try to tell me they wouldn’t

  • scott

    to tell you the truth this is the kind of article that has kept the hate forthcoming.
    just as many articles in 360’s favor are spurting up but it’s all non-sequence-al and reeks of immaturity.

  • UnrulyCat

    I think this is an idiotic article. What exactly is the claim? That Sony shouldn’t say stuff like that? Why not? It is true that people stupidly thought the PS3 would flop (almost like nobody notice what the PS1 and PS2 did for gaming, or their launches for that matter). Do you somehow feel that a company can’t be entitled to speak on behalf of its console? Why not? I guess other than being your opinion, I think this article is silly. Well, silly enough for me to respond to it.


  • saminseattle

    I’m really not seeing the whole point of this article, just tid-bits… So is the basic message that you are trying to convey just that SONY shouldn’t have posted that article on Twitter? How do you KNOW FOR A FACT that SONY THEMSELVES posted it?

  • Nick, I see you even got some pre-schoolers to stay
    up beyond their bed time to post comments. Well done
    for reaching out to the youth and all ๐Ÿ˜†

  • You can check it here

    That is the official Sony PlayStation twitter account, so they either posted it or got hacked ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • easy

    wow! i’m stunned at the anger coming from some people… this now lends credence to gaming affecting our youth nowadays.
    i just hope these numbnuts don’t have access to any weapons.


  • SlippyMadFrog

    I think you missed the point. Sony is directly linked to this opinion piece riddled with emotional outbursts and hate. If Sony wanted to express that they are happy that the console is sucessfull regardless of what people said, they can do it maturely through a press release. Twittering this makes them look childish.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    “nick… you look monkey!” ๐Ÿ˜†

  • WitWolfyZA

    I couldnt of said it better myself!! :biggrin:

  • WitWolfyZA

    All 3 the consoles suck in a matter. But heck if people wanna play gmes.. They wanna play games

  • WitWolfyZA

    hear hear to that

  • WitWolfyZA

    wow u need to calm down. wooooosaaaaa

  • WitWolfyZA

    money see… monkey do?

  • WitWolfyZA

    hormones…. its a horrible thing indeed

  • WitWolfyZA

    we are gonna see a shoot out at a MS store soon..

  • nice pic

    Oh please it was a harmless article. What about all the slagging from the media against the PS3. And speaking of mature how about that little pic you posted. Fuel some fires are self are we?

  • easy

    well if you are as mature as you come across, then you shouldn’t be as easily baited by articles such as this.
    i am a fan of sony, not quite a fanboy, but i do like their products and will probably keep buying their products until i deem something is better.
    and reading articles/opinions such as this does not offend me nor will they. i’m happy with my purchase choice and to be blunt, couldn’t give a toss what people think…

  • SlippyMadFrog

    The article is just as harmless as the pic

  • WitWolfyZA

    people like protectinf what thy like… to some their PS3 are their GFs. If not lovers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • easy

    lol, now thats something i would keep to myself…

  • name

    hmmmmm aint it funny when M$ does this the internet stays quiet and no one gives a shbit.
    funny isent it, arron greenburg is a PERFECT example.
    sorry guys but whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Examples of when Microsoft did this please?

  • S’cool Nick, those of us with functioning brains got the point of the pic in all its intended irony ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dude. Reality called, she says she’s seeing other people.

  • Bwahahahaha! Oh, that’s going in the smacktalk file for next time I face the Chief.

  • MakeLove

    There’s no point in arguing over systems when:

    -an Xbox player and a PS3 payer will never actually play with each other online (no real conflict)

    -arguing won’t be the basis for whether or not someone else buys the console or not.

    -You could spend the time you take typing for playing your console so if you actually play it, you don’t suck.

    -Do you work for Sony/Microsoft? Are they paying you to support their system publically?

    -You only seem dumber when you write things like “Oh, my system is cool everyone is gay but me everyone go to hell I’m right you’re wrong!” :cwy:

  • eXp

    Thanks MakeLove. You reflect my thoughts exactly. Console wars are painfully stupid. :whistle:

  • HaveSEXaLot

    I love my xbox to RR0D. And I hate sony but not worse than Nintendo and their casual gamers, they’ve destroyed gaming as I know it. They can go suck burning vaginas in hell for all I care. *thank you 4 withstanding my childishness, but I needed to say dat*

  • name

    plenty of times look up 90% of arron’s interviews.
    or the recent M$ jappan statement saying the ps3 was “lacking” titles.
    dont understand how that works when they just released one of the best FPS, and are following up with U2 and GOW3 GT5 and so on.
    what does the 360 have besides halo 3.5 sorry i ment ODST, GTAIV new DLC thats all that comes to mind.
    M$ need to stop spending 50M on stupid DLC (wich is aparently comming to ps3 rumors say it was exclusive for ONLY 6 months what a waste of 50M)
    and put that money into a big title like alan wake or some thing.
    build a new engine that makes the 360 hardware sweat so we can see what the system can do, M$ say it can do KZ2 so lets see it.
    but than they probably dont want to do that in the risk of over heating the system and causing RROD’s

  • name

    both sony and M$ need to get over themselvs and stop talking about each other.
    M$ needs to line up some exclusives that show us what the system can do sorry halo 3.5 aint going to cut it.
    and sony need to deliver on what they promise, and sort out their pricing and release issues.
    i in australia am paying $200 more for a PS3 and roughly $40 per game than what the US is.
    but than 90% of the games we have to wait minimum 2 weeks longer than the US, example resistance 2 US release 3rd of november 4 AU release 28th of november, another, infamous release US 26th of may AU 13th of june.
    im sick of this shit why should i pay more have to wait longer and get less?
    im sick to death of suffering because of where i live SCEA can go suck my balls

  • Erwin

    Great article, Nick. PSXExtreme used to be a great fan site for all things Playstation. The people who made it great back then are now all gone. All sense of professionalism went down the drain. Ben Dutka took over and everything went downhill from there.

    I wish Sony has a spokesperson as professional as Major Nelson. People can then have a better impression of Sony.

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