Sleeping Dogs launch trailer attacks

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Sleeping dogs DE

Wow I loved Sleeping Dogs. It was a game I only played way after release, but it was a whole bunch of fun. It reminded me of Donny Brasco, in a much more interesting and unique setting. If you still haven’t played it, now is the best time – you can grab the Definitive Edition. Just look at how gorgeous and compelling the game is now.

For those who don’t watch videos, it’s basically Sleeping Dogs as you know it, but looks way better. Also, it shows off just how cool the storyline was, and it might make you want to join the Triads. In case you have already forgotten why it’s cool, the Definitive Edition is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC and includes the following enhancements:

  • Improved, higher resolution textures, improved lighting, and higher number of particle effects
  • Higher detailed character models
  • Volumetric fog (i.e. fog/smog/mist/steam is now present in the game world)
  • Increased pedestrians and traffic density
  • Rebuilt sound engine to heighten realism
  • More destructible objects in hand-to-hand fighting sequences
  • All 24 DLC packs have been integrated into the main game. Some of the story DLC is available from the main menu, others have been integrated into the game world itself (i.e. travel to a certain point in the city to access DLC missions / DLC outfits can now be accessed in the Night Market
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More pedestrians means it will feel even more like the real Hong Kong, and I love the extras for hand-to-hand fighting sequences, too. I never got to play with the DLC, either, and I think this might have to grab this game and play again. I certainly wouldn’t mind experiencing this glorious game again.

Last Updated: October 10, 2014

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  • FoxOneZA

    24 DLC packs? That must be a world record!

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Don’t get it for the DLC. It’s nowhere near the standard of the main game.

    • Ross Woofels Mason

      Nightmare in Northpoint was really fun, YEar of the snake was kinda eh.

      The zodiac tournament was freaking awesome though, I love that.

  • Hammersteyn

    Really is a fun game. Get it now!

  • AceZero911

    I just got it, nice 50% discount if you already have sleeping dogs on steam 😀

  • house_hero

    Do it. If you never played the last gen version, this is a must. Very underrated game.

  • Johann

    Wouldn’t mind but I just can’t justify forking out R700 bucks for a game I already played and finished on last gen… Maybe one day when it’s in the bargain bin for next to nothing I’ll revisit it.

  • Ross Woofels Mason

    I bought this on playstation.
    I bought (all) the DLC for playstation =p
    Then I bought the collection on steam.

    And now I bought the definitive edition on steam….. damn steam and their 50% off lol.

    All honesty though if you’re someone who has played the game and all it’s DLC it is probably not worth the upgrade, if you have never played this game though GET IT NOW OAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or if you are like me and you have played the game so many times, yet can do it again (and again and again) then get this too and give them more money, the deserve it for this one lol.

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