Some good news from Ster Kinekor – RRP Price Drop

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We have some good news coming out of Ster Kinekor this evening, apparently thanks to the recent currency fluctuations and stable economy they have been able to drop their RRP for all their triple A titles going forward.

While R699 still sounds like a lot you need to remember that a lot of local retailers will often be selling the titles for less than the RRP and R650 is a long way from the R1000 we were scared of pre-Christmas.

The new R699 RRP is for first party Sony AAA titles only but there is no reason that we can’t expect all SK’s prices to drop..

Thanks to KalahariGames for the tweet…

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Last Updated: May 28, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I c what you did there :ninja:

  • Dark

    Love the LOGO 🙂

  • Fox1


  • R699 is a terrable price !!!
    How long do most of you take to finish a game… 6 /7 days… so you need to buy 4 games a month..Almost 2800 for games! I cant afford that.

    i realy think game prices have gone overboard

  • al360rulz

    yip i agree thou i’m happy that they are listening just not attentive enough

  • 0rk0

    The price drop is more likely due to more people importing games these days and not supporting the local stores.
    If people do, then it’s for second-hand titles.

    Sorry for Sterkinekor, but that trend is not going to change until they lower their AAA games to at least R450 a game.

    We are tired of being ripped off….:biggrin:

  • Fox1

    Well the production costs for games are also much higher these days.

  • We’re still getting taken for the U.S,the fact that its 60dollars and that includes their tax,and the profit their,I still say fck Ster Kinekor.they’ve always ripped us off.costed me R680 for MGS2 and R890 for MGS4.WHY ARE THOSE PRICES HIGHER THAN OTHER PS2/3 HIGHER? ? Top that off with them having secret sales for employees pisses me off even more.SAINTS ROW 2 WAS R270 AT THAT DAMN SALE! Insane.

  • Fox1

    Now it’s a bad thing that SK lost the Capcom license. The price of Street Fighter IV is R750-R799. :cwy:

  • 0rk0

    True and there is inflation, but still, what they charge us here is a joke.

    Why is a PS3 controller from the US R500 and an European one R800?

  • Fox1

    Then there is a problem. XBox 360 controllers and consoles are also so much more expensive here than other countries.

  • ewie

    If you shop wisely the online shops are the most cheapest and supply the best service as well.

    have a look at evogames
    and kalahari.

  • WitWolfyZa

    Payed the same here for RE5

  • Fox1

    Thanks 😉

  • Yarik11

    RRP should be 599

    In the PS2 days most new releases were priced at 499, which was a reflection of $49.99 price tag. Next (current) gen games are priced at $59.99, hence my reasoning.

    Ster kinekor are still ok though. The real scum of the earth is Core group who overcharge for both the Wii and the DS and keep putting their prices up. The Wii used to be R 2899, became 3499 and is now 3699. That’s crazy

  • WitWolfyZA

    YEah another reason i wont buy a Wii its a overly priced SD gaming console with montion sensing remotes with everythy second game dedicated to Zelda,MNArio and Pokemon… Pass

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