Sony has sold 29 million PS3's? According to them they have.

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In reality the only people on the planet who really know how many console have been shipped and sold would be the guys and girls who actually make them. However it is in the best interest of these same guys and girls to pad their figures to make their departments and companies look good.

So forgive me if I take this latest announcement from Sony with a whole spoon of skepticism… According to their latest financial results Sony has sold 29.18 million PS3’s… or a whopping 7 million more than most educated guesses.

Whether they are right and we have all been duped or they are padding their figures is up for debate, either way they have sold a lot and their results look pretty dire… but then again I failed accounting for very valid reasons.

But if the figures are correct then Sony could well be overtaking the Xbox 360 sometime next week…

Source: via Examiner

Last Updated: May 14, 2009

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  • ewie

    Not sure who si smoking what but the presentation show
    10.06 for fy2008
    and 9.12 for fy2007.

    and 3.61 for fy2006
    but it also have fy2007 as 9.24 million

    So 22.79 +- in total as the one number changed between the 2 years.

    Someone can’t count somewhere

  • ewie

    and in

    the posted fy2006 as 5.5 million

    so i don’t think Sony can count, or whoever is putting the presentations together have not checked the previous year

    Or they lie to investors and change it later.

  • easy

    are you sure that figure is correct? the link to is giving me a 404 and i can find no reference to ps3 sales hitting 30 million. makes me think they made a boo boo.

    the sales figure would more than likely be around the 22 million mark

  • Why does it really matter? Maybe they are counting shipped vs sold?

  • ewie

    These have a small adjustment as well ending on.


  • SlippyMadFrog

    The article is incorrect and isn’t official sony numbers. Examiner is incorrect and they pulled the article. Sony is now around 23 million I think.

  • easy

    i thought as much

  • RSA-Ace

    if you actually read the article they made a huge mistake in the calculation. you mention the source as sony yet they dont mention 29 million ps3’s. all these sensationalist anti-ps3 titles really dont help a supposedly non-biased site… (sorry its been a long day and i’m sick of sites misreporting news :dizzy:)

    the correct number is 22.73 million as of 31st March.

    always check the official numbers on sony’s site. they are released every 4 months.
    [ ]

  • I see the examiner has taken their article down and unfortunately I couldn’t view the official Sony details..

    Thanks for finding all the correct links and clearing this up

  • WitWolfyZA

    Well lets face it, if rhey really had sold 20 million consoles the game sales would of been on their side then… But too bad it isnt

  • RSA-Ace

    i’m not really sure what you mean. the number of consoles doesn’t effect the attack rate (i think thats what its called). and they HAVE sold more than 20 million consoles, just not near 30 million.

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