Sony refuses to sell the PS3 in Korea…

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I am not sure what to make of this story to be honest.

Reports are coming in that Sony has decided to stop shipping PS3’s to South Korea because of the fact that Japanese tourists were snapping them up and taking them back to Japan.

Apparently Sony are very perturbed by the process of ‘reverse importing’, the process of exporting products from Japan to South Korea and the back again for cheaper than it’s available in Japan…

It seems ridiculous that this is the case but it really isn’t anything new, just look at the local cost of BMW 3 series which are made in East London and shipped to France and sold for less than you can buy one in East London itself…

But granted BMW has not stopped selling the cars locally, or in France for that matter.

I know that if I was living in South Korea I would be pretty grated right now.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: March 23, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

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  • Honestly, I think if you were living in South Korea, you’d go “meh” and go back to playing Starcraft. Probably whilst snacking on kimchi.

  • Q121

    The BMW’s are made in Pretoria, the c-class Mercedes is built in slummies. You COULD buy a South African built 3 series in France and ship it back to SA and it would STILL be cheaper than buying it locally.

    However (I stand to be corrected) you taxed through your bum bum when you import your own car, and that is why we are not all importing 3 series.

  • Q121

    I meant to say ship…. how do i edit my last post 🙁 :blush:

  • easy

    lol… ‘sh*t it back to SA’

    another consideration, you cannot import left hand drive cars into this country anymore, so buying a cheap beemer in frog land wouldn’t get past customs.

  • Technically it’s in Rosslyn 😉

    You can import if the vehicle is a certain age. There’s some kind of loop-hole somewhere regarding the age of the car… not too sure what it is though.

  • Q121

    Pretoria Noord, selde ding man. hahaha

    I know that lefties are banned, if you a crafty fox with money you can import them to Namibia or one of our other neighbours and drive it over from there…. But then there is another rule about taking it back every so often months or years…

    Maybe someone can clear this up?

    But the fact is, shouldnt the gov be stimulating local growth, by supporting the local market? Local cars should be cheaper. More South Africans should buy South African built cars. Its creating jobs ect ect…. oh well my 2c

  • Hey is the Namibia loophole still working?I know you can still through Swaziland,I was hoping to get a Skyline and sell my Beemer. . .but. .I heard our government blockd that

  • easy

    to import ‘lefties’, the vehicle has to be a classic, which i think is 30 years or something like that.
    most cars built in sa are export bound, so savings are not really relayed to us.

    back to the cricket… ps3’s banned in s. korea, shocker!

  • You don’t, and thanks to you the image of somebody defecating a car is forever ingrained into my psyche.


  • Q121

    You have been on a forum with Scratchy…. Worse things have been said and seen 🙂

    Is there any way you can change it? :whistle:

  • I’m sorry, but can you blame the people?
    It’s common sense to shop around for the best price on
    something. If that best price is in another country,then
    so be it. Who’s at fault here,the person looking to save
    money or the people that’s taking you for a ride?

  • Q121

    I have to agree with you here…. Why do you think is doing such great african business at the moment?

    Are they going to stop Selling xbox-360 games in the UK now??

  • Fox1

    Well, locally the prices of imported parts on imported cars are expensive compared to cars manufactured locally :dizzy:

  • Fox1

    The Nissan GT-R will be sold locally later this year according to this link:

  • Q121

    DO NOT IMPORT a GTR. The Japanese versions are limited, and you will have no local support from Nissan in servicing or repairing your car.

    And being the monster this car is you will prob have to service it a little more often than your usual city car.

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