Sony targets third place for 2010

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Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment President, has been chatting about the results from last years fiscal year (2008) which he described as challenging.

He goes on to state that the economic collapse could not have come at a worse time and that it made selling a top end electronic device just that much more difficult.

But what really got my attention is his forecast for the year coming up, according to Mr Tretton there were 10 million PS3’s sold in the last business year and that they are now targeting a figure of 13 million sold in the coming year.

A 30% increase is obviously always a good thing (and hints towards a price drop) but the reality of this target is that Sony are hoping (which is what a target is) that they will still be third in this race next year.

The Wii is currently 28 million ahead of the PS3 and is on average outselling the PS3 by 2.5:1, which means that even if the Wii’s sales don’t increase it will still extend it’s lead over the PS3 in a years time.

But the Wii isn’t the competition in Sony’s eyes, the other monolith from Redmond. The Xbox 360 currently has a 9 million unit lead over the PS3 which means that it only needs to sell 4 million units in the next year to stay ahead of the PS3 in the charts.

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Given that the Xbox 360 is still outselling the PS3 week on week we can expect it to sell just a tad more than 4 million in the coming year.

So in a nutshell Sony is hoping it can just stay in touch with it’s competitors next year, it seems all hopes of beating them have been thrown out the window now.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: July 10, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • Q121

    If you aint first you last

    -Reese Bobby-

  • Inzo

    This is typical 360 fanboy thinking,xbox is outselling the PS3 week on week in the US but then again when xbox fanboys speak of US sales you immediately think world sales and even though the xbox beat the PS3 in world sales this month the PS3 has been dominating for most of the year even outselling the Wii for three months in a row in Japan,there is a reason the xbox’s head start has shrunk from 11+ million to 9 million,who ever wrote this article,your logic doesn’t make sense(it only needs to sell 4 million units in the next year to stay ahead of the PS3 in the charts.)What business man thinks like that!Its obvious that the xbox will sell(a bit) more than 4 million but if you are looking to sell consoles just to stay ahead at the end of the year then you are in for a hard financial fall,at this moment xbox is out selling the PS3(in the US) 1.5 to 1(Which will all soon change with PS3’s superior line-up) at the end of the day Sony(PS3) still makes more money!

  • easy

    i’m not sure what it matters… its not like all of a sudden dev’s are going to stop developing for the ps3 or visa versa because one console has x-amount millions less consoles sold than the other. we are talking double digit millions sold of each respective console… there’s money in each and every one.

    and if people are after kudo’s because their choice in console is doing better than the other.. thats fine, but to go shouting your mouth off in forums, just makes you look like an absolute twat (of course this is all imo 😉 )

    this article is just news, and factual news as far as i know, and care.

  • Actually the PS3 hasn’t made up any of the 8 million advantage the 360 has had since it’s launch, also the Wii is outselling the PS3 in Japan by 2.5:1.

    The xbox is also outselling the PS3 in Europe at this time, it’s not fanboy thinking it is purely facts.

  • ewie

    Actually when the ps3 launched the xbox was only ahead by 5.5 million, this can be verified by looking at the financials of both sony and Microsoft. So please go to the financials and supply the 11 million Number.

    Last financials have shown that the xbox lead have increased to +- 8 Million, and all indications is that it is not between 8 million and 9 million, as both ndp and gtrack have shown that the xbox have outsold the ps3 by about 100 000 a month in america and europe.

    If we look at fumitsu and numbers for the ps3 vs xbox in Japan, then you will see that the ps3 is only outselling the xbox by +- 20 000 to 30 000 a month.

    If you look at trends this year vs last year the ps3 is already selling – 1 000 000 units against last year so projections based on last years sales indicate that the ps3 will sell between 8 to 9 Million this year, where the xbox is tracking about 1 000 000 above last year so once again xbox should reach 13 000 000 to 14 000 000

    So no way ps3 will sell 13 000 000 this year, or otherwse a big $100 price cut on the ps3 must be inbound, because no game will lift the ps3 by 1 000 000
    at all, msg4 lifted the ps3 by 300 000 last year.

    And suprice the ps3 have not made 1 c for sony -they are still loosing about $40 per ps3 sold.

  • ewie

    The sales does not matter, what matter is that we will still get games for whatever system we want to play it on and good ones for each.

  • Inzo

    The xbox did have an 11 million head start(to be slightly more accurate 10.6mil)and @ easy its not about shouting my mouth off,this article and the logic thereof should not be here(and that is what really p!sses me off) lets get back to gaming but I suppose you right,gone are the days where talking about games and playing them were the only things that mattered!It truly is a war!

  • ewie

    Once again please provide the links to this information as this is news to me.

  • ewie

    This is from 30 June 2007, just before the launch of the ps3

  • ewie

    And this is a year later , xbox only

    11.6 million. as of 30 june 2007. this is after the launh of the ps3 .

    ps3 launched in 11 nov 2006 in america and japan, and mrch of the next year in europe, so once again
    if you want to spew drivvel, I would like to see where you get it,

    presumably on SDF.

  • Speaking of fanboys… why don’t you go look at yourself in the mirror. 💡 💡 💡

  • And thar one was aimed @ Inzo.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Just let it go ewie, it’s not worth it. Fanboys doesn’t respond to facts and logic, especially in this case.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    The sales war is fun. Both sides talked a lot of smack and I just like seeing some fanboys with their foot in their mouth, especially the ones saying the Xbox360 will be in 3rd place by the end of 2009.
    Anyway, both consoles have a big enough install base to warrant solid software support. Now it’s all about “I told you so!” 😛

  • Darthpenguin

    Once again.. Ewie makes the entire community smile (minus the idiot fanboys) by completely destroying another idiot fanboy!

    Go ewie!! Go Ewie!! Go Ewie!!…

  • easy

    sorry man, it wasn’t directed at you… it was meant in general.

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