Sony's woes continue

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Not content with ruling the headlines yesterday with it’s bad news, Sony has started today with a bang as well.

According to VGChartz the PS3’s sales in Japan dropped 44% week on week and has for the first time dropped under 10 000 units. They only managed to ship a paltry 8 8 72, easily beating the Xbox 360’s 2 293 but once again being killed by the Wii’s 66 657 units…

Ouch… Then to add insult to injury it only managed to move 6 523 software titles (less than 1 per console) and even managed to get beaten  by the 360 which sold 6 864 (around 3 titles per console). The Wii clocked 133 850 titles 🙂

So not only did they ship very few consoles but since they did not even sell 1 title per console it is safe to say half of those consoles where bought as Blu-Ray players….

Sony also managed to miss it’s target of 6 million units shipped, according to their own financial results they managed to ship 5.5 Million units. Only missing by 500 000 is not that bad, however what is really shocking is that of those 5.5m shipped only 3 million have been sold.

Last Updated: May 17, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Bluecollar

    lolz, a mate of mine just bought a PSTriple. Just forwarded him this link. There’s nothing like a little fanboy flamewar between friends.

  • I bought mine solely for the Blu-ray, dont own any game other than fl0w & Tekken 5:DR which I got online. Most of the so called exclusives are weak and platry when compared to X360 offerings.

  • papa-action

    Yep, no getting around it this time…those figures suck. I hope that things pick up once some decent first party titles get released.

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