Soul Calibur V wants to rock you, literally

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SoulCalibur V Engraved in Mountain for Eternity

What’s the best way to immortalise some fan-favourite video game characters? If your answer included rock, then you’d be 100% correct. To celebrate the release of the Soul Calibur V game, Namco Bandai recently engraved the characters of Mitsurugi and Pyrrha into the side of a granite mountain, in Tanum, Sweden.

“Everyone knows the Soulcalibur characters are among the hardest fighters in gaming – so we’ve decided to immortalise them in granite for thousands of years” Lee Kirton, marketing director for Namco Bandai said.

“These characters have only ever existed digitally, so it’s brilliant to record them permanently in a format which remain visible until the end of time.” To get the job done right, Namco Bandai hired Göran Andersson, a local from Hunnebostrand to immortalise the characters.

Soul Calibur V #4

One of the few remaining stone engravers in Sweden, Andersson is well known for his skill at transforming nature into art, but even he had trouble with the project, describing it as “by far most complex and detailed engraving I have ever performed, but it was very fun to do.”

It’s an impressive piece of work all right, but imagine how ridiculously impressive it would have been in Namco Bandai had decided to blow a few hundred million dollars into making a Soul Calibur Mount Bustmore as well.

We’ve also got a review of Soul Calibur V coming up tomorrow, so don’t forget to check it out.

Last Updated: February 2, 2012

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