South Africa Bad – North Korea Good

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The lack of official Xbox Live support is nothing new to South Africa, we have been shunned and treated like second class Xbox Live citizens since the box was launched locally.

However this just feels like a little kick in the face.

A Lazygamer reader going by the name of Baygon has sent in this screenshot from “Outrun Online Arcade”’s multiplayer options menu.

Apart from the normal options of how many players, courses and so on you also get to specify which country the players must come from. After quickly checking to ensure that South Africa had been ignored once again he carried on looping through the options and came across North Korea.

Yeah the country that is now number one on the “Axis of Evil” gets recognised and added as an option but once again we get snubbed.

Maybe we should get some nukes and start threatening the world to get Xbox Live support? Or is that maybe taking it that little bit to far?


[Thanks baygon for the tip]

Last Updated: May 4, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Scotty777

    sucks to have an xbox :biggrin:

  • Lupus

    Nuke time, I hear the Russians have tons of them, they just don’t know where they all are sigh. Real pity SA was the first to sign the Non aggressions act in 1991 might’ve still had one or two lying around.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Wont we actaully be at a loss seeing we being on US/UK servers already? Lets say they do bring local support ONE DAY! How the heck are we gonna change from US/UK to RSA servers then?

  • Rudolph

    We can cross that bridge when we get there… lets just get there 😛

  • I think Australia was given some sort of process for people to easily migrate over to the local servers when they got Xbox Live, so it would be something similar (If it ever happened).

  • Fox1

    The question is how many gamers in SA can afford a monthly cap of 5GB and a gold subscription? :dizzy:

  • Fck Microsoft,Im getting sick of this.from now on all multiformat games Im getting on my ps3.

  • RogueOne

    This whole subject is starting to pss me off a little much now….
    Please MS give me another product I can buy and then only use it to half its ability :getlost:

  • RogueOne,Windows Vista?

  • Pollynator


  • SubXaero ZA

    Well that sucks bum.

    I agree, I am tired of being treated like a second-rate
    gamer all because we’re held to ransom by companies in
    this country that choose to monopolise certain industries. I’m am most certainly tired of feeling like a criminal every time I have to call Xbox Support because
    South Africa is not supported by MS.

    To answer your question Fox, very few people can afford
    it and it’s not because we’re poor but because everything
    in this country is over priced (take a look at Eskom, residential consumers pay 5 times more than what they should and power is exported at cost) and is not
    available at fair prices like we find in the UK or US for example. This is why we have low bandwidth penetration.

    The guys from posted a very interesting article about why we are over charged in this country when it comes to games. No truer words have been spoken.

    Back to this article, why would there be live in a country that has almost Zero cars on the roads, there are
    very few if almost zero privately owed cars in North Korea and second why give them LIVE when they aren’t even allowed to own cellphones. I just can’t wrap my head around this one.

    Oddly enough I believe that North Korea will still have Live long after they’ve dropped a bomb on it.

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