South African Software Sales Figures

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So after reporting on the US, EU and Japanese sales figures I thought it would be appropriate to actually try and report on ours as well. Makes sense.

Well that is slightly more difficult than expected. No one will give out figures and all I get from the suppliers is that there product is doing as well as expected. Or it is beating forecasts but since they won’t share the forecasts then it means nothing.

So I approached the retailers and was told that they are not allowed to give out numbers. However I have had some success on software sales from

They have been kind enough to provide me with the sales percentages for their gaming division since March (PS3 launch) this year for hardware and software. However since they stopped selling the PS3 for some of this period I think it is only fair to not display these figures and only show the software figures.

So what flavour gaming does South Africa like best?

1. PC Games – 53%
2. PS2 – 22.9%
3. Xbox 360 – 9.1%
4. PSP – 6.6%
5. Nintendo DS – 3%
6. PS3 – 2.3%
7. Wii 1.4%

The remaining percentage was taken up by Gamecube, GBA, PS1 and Xbox.

So it is quite obvious that PC gaming is still the mainstay of South African gaming followed by the PS2 with the 360 clawing it’s way up.

So what do you think of our first ever gaming sales charts? I would like this to become a monthly regular so if you have any contacts in the retail business and can wangle some sales figures please drop me a line.

A big thanks to Renier from for this information as well, now be nice guys and buy your next game from them. has really worked hard over the years to keep us up to date with game imports especially as Microsoft (Live) and Nintendo (DS) are still not officially importing our goods.

Last Updated: October 26, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • doobiwan

    Flipping awesome.

    Congrats Lazy and Take2 for finally making it a real war at home too 😉

    Serious though, congrats on getting it together.

  • Ruslan

    Yoh! Now those are some figures I see for the first time in SA. Nice LG!

  • baba

    Great stuff!

    It would be interesting to compare to Kalahari, if you can get something out of them…

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Good work LG. Although this doesn’t represent the actual figures of the whole SA, it’s still a step in the right direction. Thanks Dude

  • Thanks…. like borat would say…its nice!
    I am amazed at the PS2 sales…. and shocked at 360 sales…

  • Ruslan

    Why? The PS2 is still leading the sales overall in the world. 😉

  • abev

    Yea while I have to commend your efforts. These figures actually dont mean a thing when you think about it. Am I right in saying that take2 is an online store only? If so when we look at the online commerce of south africa, you will see that very very few people actually buy online.

  • LazySAGamer

    How did I know it wouldn’t impress you abev 😉 …

    baby steps.. I am trying here

  • thanks LG…we appreciate… look forward to LG being the 1st official sales fig generator

  • Bm

    Well Done!

    Thats awesome, please keep them coming and props to Take2 for releasing the info.

  • abev

    Gavin Bru, you know Im a fan 😉

  • papa-action

    Nice to see this kind of info. It really lets you know whats actually going on in the local gaming scene.

  • Bubblicious

    It’s a telling sign: Most people buying games online are…………..PC gamers!

    Interesting to see that the DS has better sales than the PS3 though!

  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    Why…and WHAT the f*ck is being played on PC 😀 ?!

  • Lydon

    Thanks LG! Finally some stats 😛 Hopefully more will jump on board soon. Glad to see the 360 leading the next-gen war over here.

  • Milesh Bhana

    “Why…and WHAT the f*ck is being played on PC”

    The Sims of course. 🙂

    Nice one on getting these figures Lazy.

    WOW take 2 is selling more DS games than PS3 games, didn’t expect to see that.

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