Star Wars Battlefront will have no in-game voice chat

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Star Wars Battlefront won't have in-game voice-chat

Star Wars Battlefront didn’t have any form of voice chat over the limited beta this weekend, and I personally found it a bit odd. I often never make use of the in-game voice chat to communicate with my unknown teammates, but it is a feature I see some value in. That’s especially true in massive matches like Walker Assault, where playing the objective to key to winning. Too bad it seems, as the lack of voice-chat wasn’t something designed just for beta.

Instead, DICE have revealed that Battlefront features no in-game voice-chat on any of the three platforms by design. If players want to communicate while playing, they’ll have to fire up a third-party service such as Teamspeak, Skype or the party chats on both Xbox One and PS4. That’s fine if you’re jumping into a server with some friends in tow, but does absolutely nothing if you’re trying to reach out to the sometimes 20-player strong teams you’ll find yourself on.

And it’s a bit of a double-edge sword. On the one hand, Battlefront really does seem like more of a casual shooter, so not having to endure highly irritating mic chatter from someone who absolutely thinks you should uninstall the game is refreshing. On the other hand, not having some guidance on some of the more complicated game modes is a little detrimental to the experience. As I found in the beta, Walker Assault relies on teamwork, so not being able to advise my team on enemy positions was a bit chaotic.

Essentially what it comes down to is choice. With games that offer in-game chat there’s always an option to flip and switch and just mute it regardless. Those who then want to chat in-game are free to do so. Ripping that choice out of a game that needs a strong multiplayer community to thrive seems a little short-sighted. I don’t think it’s a dealbreaker on its own, but coupled with some of the other concerns players have about the Star Wars shooter could drive more away.

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Star Wars Battlefront is out next month on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Last Updated: October 14, 2015

Alessandro Barbosa

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  • Well not completely a bad thing 😛 disabling in game voice is one of the first settings I flip in any multiplayer game. Especially shooter games.

    • WitWolfy

      I dunno, I met a lot of cool people throughout the years thanks to in game chat. Removing it is kind of a bummer to me…

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Don’t need it, everyone knows you kissed your sister.

    • CaptainNemo42

      And some 12 year old did the nasty with your mother last night.

    • VampyreSquirrel

      Not like you use any voice chat… including Skype… still no proof for us in JHB/PTA that you’re not AI or a cyborg.

      • Commander JJ of the Normandy

        I’ve met him and I can confirm that he is definitely, without a doubt, not human.
        I also need to join the Warframe thing though.

        • VampyreSquirrel

          Thanks for the confirmation.

          Also, yes, yes you do.

      • Alien Emperor Trevor


  • Hammersteyn

    Maybe it’s part of the season pass. “new and improved in game chat” everything else is!

    • Nikola

      Damn you!!!! You just beat me to it hahaha it will probably be DLC of course!

    • Commander JJ of the Normandy

      With Stormtrooper audio mods to make you sound like the generic clone that you are!

      • Hammersteyn


    • WitWolfy

      EA games’ new slogan should be “MICRO TRANSACTION EVERYTHING!”

  • Grand Admiral Chief


    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      SW Bobafront can get in the Sarlacc?

      • Grand Admiral Chief

        *Battlefield – Star Wars Skin Edition

  • VampyreSquirrel

    Yay, Luke Skywalker won’t be yelling how he did my mom last night!

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      If you tell him you’re his daddy who’s the recipient of the sick burn, you or him?

      • VampyreSquirrel

        Both of you?

    • Dutch Matrix

      We both know Luke Skywalker only does his siblings… Wait… Have you ever seen your Mom force choke a bitch?

  • Dutch Matrix

    So people are gonna miss out on my Epic “Hasta la vista Boba”? NOT FAIR!

  • Gardos

    My social anxiety (surprisingly only present on digital platforms and not in person) thanks you EA.

  • konfab

    I think they did it to try and keep the Star Wars experience pure. Nothing more immersion breaking than hearing Darth Vader insult hurling an insult towards someone in the voice of a 15 year old girl.

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