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StarCraft II Profile: Mark “GuMMie” Reynolds

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Today’s StarCraft 2 player profile is all about Mark Reynolds, he’s been a PC gamer for about 12 years and still taking on games and eSports like it’s no body’s business. This gamer was also hand picked as one of South Africa;s top StarCraft 2 players, to battle it out with the rest of the best at the StarCraft 2 Invitational happening next weekend. 

 Mark Reynolds

  • Biography: Mark Reynolds has been playing PC games since the age of 16 and competing for four years. Even though he thinks he’s getting a little bit old for this, he’s in it for the next couple of years.
  • In-Game alias: GuMMie
  • Age: 28
  • Province:Gauteng
  • Race: Terran
  • Team: Veneration E-Sports
  • Sponsor: Volt Energy, Afrihost
  • Years playing StarCraft: 2 years
  • Tournaments competed in: Polarfluke,Do Gaming League, ESL Cup
  • Achievements: Top 16 – Do Gaming Championship 2012
  • League: Diamond
  • Twitter: Veneration E-Sports
  • Official Website: Veneration E-Sports
  • Online Profile: Battle.net


  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew


    Just a few letters differant from making an awesome Reynor playing as Reynor joke.

    Now instead I got to work out a way to fit FireFly in to the SC2 universe…..

  • GuMMie! Show ’em what you’re made of!

  • Good luck to you my good sir!

  • Sir Captain Rincethis

    Go boy! Now, I PRAY he is standing in front of a green and he isn’t actually… OUTSIDE 0_0

  • Am I the only one that immediately thinks TressFX and Tomb Raider when I look at that profile pic? xD
    Good luck in the tournament GuMMie!

  • Such a pimp

  • Gummie you legend!

  • Hey GuMMie, call me…

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