Ster Kinekor Confirm Local Killzone 2 Delay – It was done on purpose?

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We posted over the weekend that the local launch date for Killzone 2 had been pushed back by a week for unknown reasons but that I would keep you informed if anything else came up about this.

Well I was out and about browsing the local gaming sites this morning and stumbled across a posting over at MyGaming where they had managed to get an official answer from Ster Kinekor as to why the game had been delayed.

Apparently the delay is true and Ster Kinekor have decided to hold back on releasing Killzone 2 

“This was to ensure adequate promotional and PR coverage can be secured for the release”

Yeah because the release of Killzone 2 blind sided all of us. I really expected them to come out saying that they couldn’t get the stock in time or there was a strike at one of the distributors but this has really taken me by surprise.

MyGaming were very diplomatic when they said 

“We are not sure if this is the most sensible strategy, if anything, we would think that delaying the local release will only encourage people to import the title themselves.”

I would have put it a little differently but I am sure you get the idea…

Source: MyGaming

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Last Updated: February 10, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • Banana Hammock

    They can delay it for a year if they like, almost everyone i know has already got pre-orders to import this. With every turn SK show their complete incompetence in the gaming industry. Honestly it cannot be that hard to run this division properly, it seems to me like the people running this farce have absolutely no interest in the field.

    All they would have to do to be on the boil is simply spend an hour or two on a few local gaming sites (here, PS3ZA, XBOX360) etc and they would know EXACTLY what’s going on. Sigh, maybe Nu-Metro will snap up a few other licenses and put SK out of their misery.

    Having said that, will Nu-Metro be any better?

  • Wow, SK is really spiralling downwards quickly.
    Have they actually done anything right lately?

  • easy

    i doubt numetro will be any better, they’re all alike

  • hilt_ctn

    I worked for SK many moons ago, but on the movie side of things. They did the same type of things then too. Held back movies for the holidays etc. I wonder if they’ve heard of this thing called ” interweb ” and have realised that people can actually read. Probably not. They insist on treating us like illiterate idiots. The joke is on them. I’m ordering from abroad as are many others

  • janrik

    Less we forget, it is us xbox fanboys that is causing all this.

    What a bunch of tossers.

  • Fred

    Wow , amazing incompetence.

  • Atomic

    Yea, I’m surpised they did not not blame it on X-box fanboys, seeing as all their other woes seem to be attributed to us.

  • WTF? ! ? ? SK are a bunch of losers,dammit I cant believe they’d be so stupid.Sony needs a new distributer ! Because SK has been screwing us over since PS1 days!whats worse,if you havnt preorderd,watch the price hit R999 at retail.

  • Oh my god, a whole week!? I am sure that I speak for everyone when I say our lives are in tatters now that we will have to wait an extra SEVEN DAYS to play Killzone 2.

    If they’re not going to do it exactly the same time as everyone else, why bother even releasing it? It’ll be too late; the moment will have passed. It’ll be old news, derivative, outdated and worthless.

    Hell, I bet the rest of the world will probably have received Killzone 3 by then.

  • Shodan

    Well seing that me and my friends also already pre-ordered the game for importing thats another 4 copies which SK wont be selling…


  • See,theres a bigger picture here.Further proves,we the consumers.Their bill payers,get pushed around.

  • RivaZA

    Or there will be the Xbox 360 version out with enhanced graphics and extra content.

  • Arabian Knight

    Don’t support these idiots!

  • jakez

    lol they are such idoiots i have pre-ordered it form overseas with alot of other guys and paid alot cheaper for it but if they released it on time i would have bought a local copy now my import copy will get here same time as release date so screw SK

  • Sophia

    SK are a bunch of idiots …. they deserve to go under

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